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Jun 4, 2008 08:07 AM

[HOU] Your favorite place for quail is . . .

About 7 or so year ago my girlfriend took me to Guadalajara Hacienda off Katy Fwy for a bday dinner, and I had a mixed grill plate that included quail. Since then I have tried quail at many places,k and am always looking for new places to try it. It can be a real PITA to eat, but it is so good. So here are the places I've tried:

Guadalajara - good
El Tiempo on Washington - excellent
El Real off 1960 - excellent
Beaver's - stuffed with cream cheese and mushy mess, can't really taste quail
Tony's on Ella - very good
Texas Land and cattle off 249 - excellent
Pappasito's off 290 - dry and disappointing
There could be more but that is all I remember right now.

Places I want to try:
Goode Co. Taqueria
Rainbow Lodge (during the summer they have take out so you can pre-order some for a reasonable price and take it home along with some sides. Going to do that this year!)

Any other recommendations?

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  1. danhole, thank you for starting a new separate thread on quail. this discussion is a continuation from the discussion on this thread:

    to recap, i recommend the maple glazed quail at vic & anthony's. IMHO best quail in houston, it's seriously good eats. quail & fois gras app at mark's is wonderful too.

    heritoth recommended the quail at t'afia, which i tried on the tasting menu. the quail itself was pretty good but oddly paired with a sauce. he did not recommend the quail at teala's.

    teotihuacan has good grilled items and i bet the quail is good too. it's on airline almost right where it hits n.main in a pink building. it's around the corner from spanish flower. drag your DH there for beef fajitas!

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    1. re: neverfull

      Oh, I have been to teotihuacan! I had the fried, stuffed avocado, which was fine, but I should have chosen something else. Surprise! My DH eats quail! We will have to try that. Thanks!

      1. re: neverfull

        I would second that opinion on the maple glazed quail at Vics&Anthony. There are some vinaigrette greens on the sides that cut the sweetness.
        Marks is good... no glaze so not as flavorful as V&A however pair it with foie and its kinda heavy.

        1. re: neverfull

          My wife and I had the tasting menu at T'afia, and had the duet of quail and beef. I thought it was fantastic. However, that was my first quail. It was like the best chicken I'd ever had, only slightly different. I really liked the dish, as well, not just the quail. Reading this thread has me wanting to go to Spanish Flowers, though.

          1. re: ccoshow

            Be warned that the only quail I saw on the Spanish Flowers menu was in a mixed grill platter, and the one for 2 people only had one quail! I would recommend you go to El Tiempo and get the Fajitas y Cordornizes. I believe you get 2 quail along with the beef fajiata. We are going to try Teotihuacan next, hopefully soon!

        2. a quick search for quail on B4-u-eat, brings up the following restos:

          backstreet cafe
          la trattoria
          bistro le cep
          bistro calais
          da marco
          bistro vino
          ouisie's table
          fajita flats
          taste of texas
          cafe le jadeite
          original ninfa's on navigation
          hunter's lair (in katy) - it's a wine and sports bar, check out the menu. they have wild boar, alligator, antelope, bison, elk, venison on the menu:

          has anyone tried the quail at any of the above places? has anyone been to or heard anything about hunter's lair in katy?

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          1. re: neverfull

            How do you search for a specific ingredient on B4? I heard from someone on this board that the quail appetizers at taste of texas are very good.

            1. re: danhole

              use the "google our entire site" link on the website.

            2. re: neverfull

              Indika's quail is absolutely amazing, or at least it was! I don't see it on the menu anymore when I go to their website. I am still dreaming about it, and I had it about a year ago.

              1. re: katiedid710

                the quail at Indika is still on the menu as an appetizer and its easily the best I've had anywhere.

            3. The quail at Teotihuacan is good, but honestly, the grilled quail at Spanish Flowers is even better.

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              1. re: foodpro13

                When we ate at Spanish Flowers the only quail on the menu came in a mixed grill platter. Can you order just the quail and leave off the sausage, shrimp, etc.?

              2. Gorditas Aquascalientes. Word.

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                1. re: mgovshteyn

                  Care to elaborate on that? Is it grilled? I googled it and didn't see one mention of quail, but obviously you know more than I do. Sounds like a great place. Gotta put that on my list!

                2. voice has a pomegranate glazed quail on there menu as an app. i'm hoping to be able to try it soon!


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                  1. re: neverfull

                    I have had the quail appetizer at Taste of Texas (company Christmas party last December). I almost didn't want to share it with the group, it was THAT good.

                    1. re: Cheflambo

                      I have often thought that if I can get the DH to go, I would just order the quail appetizer and a salad bar. Sounds really good. BTW, Happy day after birthday!

                    2. re: neverfull

                      i went to voice this weekend, but alas! no quail on the menu.