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Where can I get a good falafel in the city?

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      2nd Mamouns. Hands down the best imo. Also, I love the kebab platters.

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        Nah, the Mamoun's on MacDougal has never been great, merely good and cheap. And in recent months, the St Marks branch has sucked so bad that I gave up on them. Dry, tasteless, just really bad.

    2. rainbow falafel 17th st near union square. lunchtime weekdays, look for the line down the block.

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        I think rainbow is the best falafel in the city. i used to get mamouns all the time then a chef i know told me to check out rainbows. the hot sauce is what made me change it all up. if you like spicy but with great flavor not just hot check it out and tell them to put extra hot.. its so worth it and you wont be regretting it the next day if you know what i mean:)

      2. Believe it or not,I just had the most incredible fallafel today. I got it at a street cart on B'way and 67th Street across from Gracious Home. I had to wait on line for 15 minutes and it was well worth it. Cheap and delicious!

        1. Mamoun's is good, but Taim is much better. In fact Taim has the best falafel I've ever had in the city. A bit more money, but much more fresh and vibrant flavors.

          For an obscure falafel mention go to Perilla in the W.Village and get the edamame falafel, fantastic and unique.

          1. I highly recommend the falafel at Rectangles. They make it with lots of herbs so they're green and fresh!

              1. re: Miss Needle

                This is the correct answer. Crisp ain't that bad for something different. Olympic (Baraca now) stands out more for its laffa than falafel balls.

              2. In Manhattan- Olympic Pita- 38th and 6th
                In Brooklyn- Damascus Bakery- Atlantic Aven. bet. Court and Clinton
                In Bronx- Squeez- 238th and Waldo Ave (Riverdale)

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                  I've been chowing at Mamoun's for over 20 years. Part sentimental, reasonably priced, and infused with west village vibe, Mamoun's is an institution. Get a falafel/babaganoush combo pita sandwich. The alloy of unctuous baba and falafel for I think 5o cents or a dollar extra is yum. Carefully fried food (seafood,latkes,chicken etc) ,health factors notwithstanding, is supremely delicious ,as all the natural ,juicy goodness is sealed in. It's a shame you have to wonder about the 10W30 some carts and restaurants use. Hopefully, Jiffy Lube and KFC don't partner up! Stay safe and buon appetito, phil <------<<<

                  47 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

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                    I'd recommend not going to Mamoun's St. Marks branch, though. I had several unsatisfactory experiences there (overly dry falafel, etc.) and gave up. Have they gotten any better lately, in anyone's recent experience?

                  2. re: jp16

                    Is Taim the place Bobby Flay lost to in a Falafel Throwdown? thx phl

                    222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

                    1. re: HeatSeekingMissive

                      A really good one could be had at "Push" was on Third around 23rd Street but unfortunately closed.

                      1. re: HeatSeekingMissive

                        Taim lost, but don't let that sway you!.

                        They serve the best falafel in the city hands down. It may be a bit more $$, but the ingredients are far superior. Make sure you get one of the drinks, like the Ginger Lemonade and I recommend getting the falafel platter and sharing it as it has 3 types of falafel, a few sides and pita bread.

                        222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

                    2. Had an amazing falafel yesterday at Pita joes near Union Square, W.14th St by 5th Ave. Pickels and fixings reminded me of Jerusalem.

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                        Pita Joe...delicious falafel...crispy, tasty