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Jun 4, 2008 06:52 AM

Best High End Happy Hour in DC

Good morning all,
I want to get a debate (and info sharing going) on the best high end happy hour. I am looking for places that would normally be quite expensive and is much cheaper and reflective of the cuisine or just has fantastic deals during happy hour.
My current choices:
Pizzeria Paradiso Half Price drafts on Tuesday and Wednesday
Taberna Half Price Tapas
Tabaq $5 menu
Ella's $5 pizzas

How about:
PS 7's
The Reef

Any ohers?

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  1. My 2 favorite are Taberna and PS7. Both offer excellent food and drinks and a significantly reduced price. On top of that the food doesn't seem to suffer from a happy hour deal, but instead offer you a glimpse at what a full meal has to offer.

    Also don't forget Ceiba. They offer free appetizers and a special reduced price drink daily. The apps and drinks are listed on their website.

    1. not an amazing happy hour but great space is Poste. They have hpapy hour monday thru friday 4-7 and they serve 4 dollar beers and house wine along with 4 dollar truffled fries which are tasty. I have never had much luck at poste with the food (although many people rave about it), but the space is really nice outside with couches and open spaces

      1. 701 on Penn Ave is great for happy hour. See this review in the Post

        1. PS7's happy hour is great, they have $4 house white, red and sparkling wine. All their food is $7 the tuna sliders and half smokes were good, I didn't really like the spring rolls.

          Zengo also has a happy hour, but I haven't been yet.

          Keithdcl in another thread said that the Helix Lounge has a good happy hour, too.

          To me Clyde's and Old Ebbitt's afternoon delight and raw bar happy hour specials are some of the best deals in DC for the amount and quality of items you get for the price.

          In another happy hour thread I posted about a bunch of NOVA places that have good happy hour, under I think a wed night tapas and wine thread.

          I like Cafe Asia's sushi happy hour. And Oya has a sushi happy hour too.

          1. I recommend Cafe Deluxe's happy hour - 4;30 -7:00. I know the one on Wisconsin Ave in Cleveland Park near the National Cathedral. (There is also one in Bethesda. ) $4 wine and drafts. Great sandwiches for $4. Lots of food for that price. My favorite is the Tilapia BLT. There is a burger and grilled chicken along with artichoke dip.It's a neighborhood place with lots of regulars and great bartenders (Brian on Tuesday and Thursday nights - he makes the best bloody mary in the city)