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Jun 4, 2008 06:50 AM

Tonight: Bar Blanc or Bar Milano?

I have heard great things about both although I know the cuisine is different. Any standouts?

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  1. food wise, id go with bar blanc over milano...

    scene wise, probably bar blanc as well.

    bar milano was enjoyable but the food is merely ok and a bit overpriced considering the portion sizes and quality. the pastas are very tiny and expensive...$20 range. i had the ravioli with some sort of tomato and cheese...pretty forgettable a month later. my entree of fried rabbit was good but a piece of fried chicken. it came with little to no accompaniments. service was good and the place was bustling but dessert was pretty horrible and id hesitate to return.

    bar blanc is smaller obviously, with much more inventive food for similar prices. i had a salad of rabbit terrine and sweetbreads that i enjoyed...the pasta dishes are surprisingly excellent as well.

    i should return to bar blanc actually. probably is doing better now that the place is a bit more established.

    1. I have not been to Bar Milano but can say Bar Blanc was very nice, really tasty food, nice atmosphere, good service, I'd recommend it.

      1. Bar Blanc is amazing. The rabbit and sweetbreads appetizer is not to be missed, and the pasta with rabbit is great too. Veal breast is a great main course. I liked the black code with saffron sauce, too. The menu changes frequently, depending on the season and market availability. The lasagne, which was wonderful when it was made with lamb shoulder, is now being done with chicken. I've not had the new version, but I'm sure it would be good.