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Jun 4, 2008 06:48 AM

Dinner And A Phillies Game

Hello everyone!

I live in Chester Springs in Chester County and am seeking a little advice. My DH has tickets to a Phillies game to take an out of town client to whose home team will be playing the Phils. Since we are going to the game we will all be pretty casual but we want to take them to an early dinner before the game. We are looking for suggestions. We are not at all familiar with the Philadelphia area as we haven't lived here very long. We live in the Exton area, but don't necessarily need to stay around here for dinner. We were hoping maybe the KoP area for dinner on the way to the game, but nothing is set in stone, again we are unfamiliar with the city.

We also have never been to a Phillies game, much less the area where the stadium is located. I think traveling from the KoP/Chester County area, we should be finished with an early dinner by 5:30 PM, does this sound reasonable?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Are you looking for something a bit nicer for the dinner? Attached to the ballpark is McFaddens which is a chain, but can make an easy destination for dinner before the game. If it's nice outside you can sit at one of their outdoor tables.

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      Thanks for replying Smackdown.

      I looked at the menu and was hoping for something a little more substantial than say chicken fingers and wings. My DH is saying goodbye to an out of state client he has been working with for months, now that the job is over he goes back to his hometown. We were looking for a nice late lunch/early dinner, but nothing that is fancy since we will be very casually dressed. So I guess a step up from McFaddens.

    2. Why not just eat at the ballpark? There are plenty of good options there that go well beyond chicken fingers and wings.

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        I've never been to the ballpark, that is why I am here. :)

        Could you please tell me what the good options are?

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          Check this website out for all of the concessions at the "Vault"

          As far as I am concerned there's no reason to go to multiple places when there is so much good food at your ultimate destination.

      2. I would consider L'Angolo, an Italian BYOB a half block off of Broad Street, and 1 mile north of Citizens Bank Park. It is not difficult to park nearby and then move the car for the game. Also since it is BYOB, you can bring a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate the completion of the job if you are so inclined.

        1. L'Angelo's is great, but... I agree that you should eat at the ballpark. You will never have enough time to eat a nice meal, park and get to the game by 7:05. The Phllies have been selling out, or close to it, for every game and parking is difficult if you don't get there early. For a baseball stadium the food is reasonably good.

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            I agree - I think Citizen's Bank Park is actually a great food-stadium. And it has great local beers too! Here is a link for Harry the K's restaurant inside the park:
            which is another option

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              I find the food passable at the stadium - better than most if not all but expensive and bad for you. Plus no time to relax and sit. If you can make it in time eat in South Philadelphia beforehand. You will need to have a reservation by 5, which means you would need to leave Chester Springs by 3:30/4.