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Jun 4, 2008 06:39 AM

Child-friendly Sat AM munching in Center City Philly

Any brainstorms on where to take a 9-year-old girl on Saturday morning for something to eat (she eats everything, from sushi to spaghetti)? We're going to the ballet at the Academy at noon and will be coming into the city via train, arriving around 10 am. Reading Terminal Market was one thought, but it seems overwhelming in its choices.

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  1. Absolutely, Reading Terminal Market. Children adore it, and they know what they want. There is a section of tables in the middle of the market; you can buy what you both want and sit down and enjoy it. Nothing else comes close.

    1. I absolutely agree on RTM. A wonderful experience.

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        I third Reading Terminal. It's not overwhelming at all and it's connected to the Market East train station on SEPTA. Kids love the enormous pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place (where you could eat at the counter), warm soft pretzel's from Fisher's, ice cream from Bassett's, and cookies from Fourth St. It's fast, delicious, and worthy of your trip. One caveat, though, if you really want sushi, I'd pass on the stand at the market. It's medicre at best.

      2. have to agree! She could get sushi and spaghetti!