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Bon Accueil or Altitude 95? For Last night?

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Bon Accueil or Altitude 95? Last night in Paris, with my 16 year old neice for her first trip to Paris....I want to make it memorable with a walk to Eiffel, but wanted some really good classic French food at a less than 75E per person experience. I've been the Altitude 95 but not Bon Accueil, heard suggestions that its warm and yummy. And might work for a teenagers palate. Anyone been? Cafe Constant is closed that night but I'm open to other memorable, yet not expensive options. I been drooling over all the recommendations for dining in Paris....thanks to all for a great board!

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  1. I took my two sons to Altitude 95 a few weeks ago and I was terrificly underwhelmed. I felt as though I were in an international cafeteria. I service was horrific and the food, well, blah. I think if you really want a great, memorable meal, walk to the Eiffel tower and then head to a bistro nearby (like Bon Accueil). Good luck and have fun!