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Jun 4, 2008 06:15 AM

Myrtle Beach Groceries

So what supermarket in the Myrtle Beach area is best for groceries?

want to be able to pick up organic - pesiticide free fruits for our stay

Are there any decent health food stores in a reasonable driving distance from the beach.

Best place to buy 10 days worth of condo and beach supplies?

Packing lite to fly , so prefer to buy my consumables down there !!!


also its been awhile - - do Myrtle Beach supermarkets carry wine?

Are the wines OK or can you suggest a decent wine purveyor as well.....

we love to snack on different types of fun cheeses! any suggestions on best places for cheese outside the supermarket selections?

Yes we will have a car while there and if it helps to point me in the right direction - - staying at the Anderson Ocean Club

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  1. Go to Green's for wines - they have a pretty good selection of wines and craft beers. I am sure there are some smaller shops but Green's is pretty reliable.

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    1. re: atruebluedevil

      On the Myrtle BEach forum in Trip Advisor

      Someone told me they opened up a brand new Piggly Wiggly's in MB!

      can it be true? hahahahaha

      I saw a video - I will probably swing by there for sure.....

      1. re: few

        What part of Myrtle Beach will you be staying in? No sense in going to the new Pig at Market Common if you are staying in Cherry Grove.

        1. re: BlueHerons

          I think the Anderson Ocean Clun is sort of central MB

          not the NMB area for sure

          1. re: few

            Then I 'd definitely hit the new Pig at Market Common. You are very close and if memory serves me correctly, it is probably the closest 'good' grocery store to you.

    2. Krogers in North Myrtle on Main Street has a good little selection of organic stuff, several rows of wine...I think most all brands represented, and all kinds of cheeses. It's also open 24 hours and easy to get in and out of. I shop there most of the time.

      We have two new Bilo Supers, and they have a fancier grade of party foods...not sure about organic stuff but probably. Brand new huge one just opened in Windy Hill.

      Krogers is your best bet. We have no lack of excellent grocery stores, though.
      Just can't get decent barbeque...:-(


      1. Most of the grocery stores have an organic section now - even Food Lion! Anderson Ocean Club is in the center of MB - not far from Market Common, and that Pig has good selection of cheese and great sushi too, but you're closer to the Bi-Lo on 38th Ave, and there's a health food store in the same complex...Myrtle Market, the city farmer's market is at 10th Ave N. and they're open Wed, Fri, Sat 9-3.


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        1. re: gailmail5

          YES !!

          Thanks gail - -- you made my day!

          at least I can have some decent food in between the family pig outs!

        2. Lowe's (not the home improvement store) has a great variety of cheeses. It's in Surfside in South Strand Commons which may not be convenient, but they're very knowledgeable.

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          1. re: BeachBacchus

            I love the Lowes in Murrells.The prices are very good and ty have a great selection