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Jun 4, 2008 05:38 AM

Place near City Hall for a good breakfast?

I just started taking my son to day care at City Hall, and after I get over my bleary eyes and thousand yard stare I usually need to eat something. The only breakfast joint I know of is the Stem, which is good if you want greasy spoon but probably not a good option for a place I go to every few days.

Are there any options in the rough zone between City Hall and Spadina? Anything goes, as long as it's healthy and not expensive.


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  1. Depends on what kind of breakfast you're looking for. Le Gourmand on Spadina, just south of queen is great for a cafe and croissant. Not sure if they have their grilled sandwich options first thing in the morning, but it's worth a look for sure.

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      I've been there a couple times in the past two weeks (it's just south of where my new office is) and it's really good. I'm basically looking for good breakfast places in the core - Le Gourmand is on the right track.

      I guess the main problem I'm finding downtown is that most of the breakfasts revolve around eggs. Someone told me that there's a place downtown that specializes in breakfast cereals?

    2. I don't know what their hours are, but if they are open, Cafe Crepe at
      246 Queen St W has great savory crepes that are sort of breakfasty. Cora's
      would be a little bit of a hike (277 Wellington St W) but always enjoyable, and would have healthy options..

      1. Here's a secret tip: If you go to Osgoode Hall, just west of Nathan Phillips Square, the basement cafeteria has $4 breakfast, $1.50 muffins and $2 cake/loafs. We're talking all organic, made from scratch: omelettes, bacon, waffles, fresh fruit, french toast, fried egg sandwiches. Apricot cake, coffee cake, caramelized pear cake, etc. I usually skip the egg options (as it's a cafeteria, items can be in the warming tray for longer than perfect timing) but the value can't be beat! Just enter through the side door that faces the Square, and go right and down the stairs to get to the cafeteria.

        Only caveat is there's reduced service in the summer, I'm not sure what that means for breakfast...

        1. That's a tough area for sure. Other than Le Gourmand, all I can think of is The Senator Diner at Victoria and Dundas, and B Espresso Bar on Queen, just east of Church.

          1. During the week, Pegasus @ Dundas and University (just across the parking lot from the back of city hall) has a good, standard breakfast for under five dollars. If you dont want eggs there's also fruit, yogurt and cereal on the menu.