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Any suggestions on good restaurants close to the 92nd st. Y?

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  1. My favorite place to eat around the 92nd St. Y is Pio Pio for delicious and inexpensive Peruvian-style chicken. Le Bern it ain't but the food is addictive.

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      Sfolgia is across the street...make reservations way ahead of time

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        There was a disappointing report from a poster on it earlier this week - I've not been since last summer. My new favorite in the area is Square Meal, on 92nd between 5th & Madison. Still byob and now open for lunch as well. Reservations are a good idea. The food is excellent and pretty reasonable for the quality - we usually spend about $80 for two appetizers, two main course and a dessert.

        Square Meal
        30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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          fwiw, I was there two weeks go and found it delightful as ever....the poster with the negative report noted "pasta with bolognese" was heavy, ah, that dish tends to be heavy, its kinda what it is....I would give it another shot...

    2. cafe d'alsace, really good cheeseburgers (ed levine votes as the best in nyc), also the only bar in NYC that has a beer somelier

      1. We love Cafe d'Alsace also (really good cheese & charcuterie plate) and we also like Pio Pio (good sangria too). In addition, if you're just looking for burgers, salads and such, we've been to Fetch (I think that's the name of it) and that was okay too.

        1. On the much cheaper side, Delizia Pizzeria on 2nd Ave and 92nd is great.

          1. zebu grill (Brazilian)

            1. Ottomanelli NY Grill on 93rd and Lex. Good prices and the food is quite tasty.

              1. I live literally in the middle of all these restaurants. I've of those mentioned I've been to Pio Pio, Delizia, Zebu Grill, Fetch, and Ottomanelli NY Grill. All these are good choices, though Pio Pio is very cramped and not comfortable but the food is great. Chef Ho on 2 Ave. is a good choice for Chinese and Nick's on 2 Ave and 94 St is also a good choice for their pizza.

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                  I live right in that area and I totally second Chef Ho's on 2nd Ave. Not the most inventive fare, but the peking duck is terrific. I have my complaints about it (it's definitely not a whole one, they don't carve it in front of you, and they don't make soup out of the other parts for you), but it's still pretty good. Square Meal is great, as is Table D'Hote, a fantastic little French place on 92nd St. between Madison and Park. A block away from the Y is Peri Ela, a Turkish restaurant and pretty decent. If you want to try for Sfoglia, good luck getting a reservation (we made ours six weeks in advance for a lunch table). Nick's pizza is great for something more casual. Pio Pio is not the best-looking place, but if you do go there, the Peruvian chicken is pretty much perfect.

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                    I like the duck at Chef Ho as well, and we go occasionally, but what I don't like are their dumplings - the dough is too thick, IMO, so I miss having dumplings! When I have a nasty cold, I really crave their Wonton soup.

                    Another place I forgot to mention - Kurio - across the street from Zebu Grill (which I like as well), a little closer to 1st Avenue.is another favorite. Their fried appetizers are really really good - the cook has a really light touch that way - particularly the tempura green beans.

                    I'm glad to find someone else who likes Square Meal - I've not been for lunch yet, which I want to try.

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                      Thanks all for the great suggestions!

                2. How about Peri Ela? Great Turkish on Lex between 90 and 91st Street

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                    It's not very good and very snooty. Cash only. Expensive for the meal.
                    Go to Square Meal and enjoy. Save room for desert.