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Jun 4, 2008 03:04 AM

Khao soi in Bangkok

Hey all--

Im looking for a place to get Khao Soi in Bangkok. Cant make it up to Chiang Mai this next trip.



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  1. The good news is that I have seen khao soi in Bangkok.
    The bad news is that I can't remember where.

    But, there's hope!

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      Great help you are, Curt ;-)

      Gaharu, you can try one of the restaurants in the S&P Group - it's got branches throughout Bangkok, e.g. Siam Centre, Central World Plaza, etc. and the food's pretty authentic (and you don't have to worry about poor hygiene).

      However, if you still want to rough it out & eat at the streetside stalls, you may find khao soi in these street food places:

      1. Khao San Road
      2. Silom Road (Silom Soi 20/Soi Convent onwards)
      3. Thonglor & Ekkamai

      In the event you can't find khao soi there, you can still indulge in pretty good khao moo daeng, khao man kai, khao phat, khao kai jaew, bamee keaw moo daeng, etc.

      1. re: klyeoh

        is it just me? thai food in thailand being recommened because it's "pretty authentic" ?

        this why the authenticity fetish does nothing for me. it can't possibley mean anything if it is used like that......

        1. re: thew

          I know S&P. Ill check it out, and I wasnt aware that they sell Kao Soi. I also got a tip that SamSen Rd. also has a Northern Thai population, and that I may be able to find some around there.

          After living in Jakarta for over 2 years, my gut is pretty strong for street stalls, so I will take my chances.

          Thanks all!

          1. re: thew

            I've had Thai food in Thailand that's pretty much a watered-down version of what I grew up eating. Recommending a place as being "pretty authentic" is not necessarily meaningless.

            1. re: prasantrin

              i think there is often confusion between "authentic" and "good"

              the words do not mean the same thing.

              1. re: thew

                Eating around Thailand, one will find most Thai food "authentic". You wont find ketchup in pad thai, for instance. Every Thai knows ketchup is for pizza! ;-)

                But, just like anywhere else, all restaurants will eventually adapt to their clientele. For most Bangkok eateries that cater to Westerners, the first adaptation is the pricing!

            2. re: thew

              Sadly, it's like what Prasantrin said - many supposedly "Thai" eateries have actually tinkered with native recipes in search of the tourist dollar. You'd be surprised to know how widely available dumbed-down versions of Thai food are especially in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket & other places where foreigners go to. Ever wondered why some places very popular with foreigners do not have any Thai clientele?

              Some, like Baan Khanitha, has won awards & accolades from English language publications, but served food which locals would regard as not authentic at all.

              For local Thais, that's why it's truly important that one knows where to get truly authentic Thai food in Bangkok, e.g. Bua, Baan Klang Krung, etc., instead of tourist spots like Baan Khanitha, Supatra River House, et al.

              1. re: klyeoh

                I went to Baan Khanitha twice with an Isaan (northe-east Thailand area) native, and she loved the food there. She said that it was the way Thai food was supposed to be, with nicely balanced flavors - and not all salty and extremely spicy, the way Thai street food can be. Of all the restaurants I have taken her too, this was by far her favorite. I like it a lot myself, and I have cooked Thai food from cookbooks written by Thai people. It did not seem to me to be compromised by its clientele, many of whom were Thai.

                Maybe all one can say is that if a Thai person cooked it, it is by definition authentic. After that, only evaluations of its quality by native Thais can tell you whether the food meets locals aesthetic standards.

            3. re: klyeoh

              The 60's took a toll on me!

              Come to think of it, I believe S&P was a place I saw it.
              S&P puts out decent, although a bit pricey (on the BKK scale), chow for such a clean place.

            4. re: Curt the Soi Hound

              I actually had one at Le Lys which was recommended by Curt the Soi Hound. It was fantastic. (For what it's worth it's highly recommended by Lonely Planet).

              1. re: Hot Chocolate

                unfortunately i can't say the same about le lys - food's way too farang, and the decor isn't even nice! (not that decor should matter, but if you're having dumbed down food, at least you should be sitting pretty)

            5. If you in the Phetburi Road area , then the Khao Soi on the 2nd floor of Pantip Plaza is excellent .

              Personally I have always found S&P dishes bland , overly sweet , and poor value for money .

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              1. re: ChangFai

                Out of desperation I recently had one at that fancy food court on the top of Central Chidlom. (Foodloft) It was pretty good, but a bit too large and rich. It took at least a day to digest.
                I think you can still get it at Khing Klao Restaurant (61/1 Soi Sukhumvit 22). It specializes in Lanna Thai cuisine, tom yam hua plee, nam prik ong and the like. Not a great restaurant, but the only one I know specializing in that stuff.