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Jun 4, 2008 02:55 AM

Help! In tokyo and want late night good restaurant.

Hello all,

I am in Tokyo in order to fight in Sengoku III. We fight Sunday and won't get done until 11 pm or so. I am looking for a restaurant to take our group of 6 to afterwards. We are in Shinjuku but don't mind traveling 30 minutes or so if the food is worth it. I really like sushi and would most prefer that. I especially love sushi buffets. Otherwise, I am open to tepenyaki or tempura or traditional japanese food. I prefer a more upsclae place but as I said, sushi buffet is most important.

Please any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Sunday nights are early nights in Tokyo, and unfortunately I doubt that you'll find a late-night sushi buffet then. I think Gompachi (03-5771-0170) in Nishi-Azabu might be your best bet - they have a variety of good-quality Japanese food (including sushi), a nice, fun interior, and English-language menus and service. And probably more atmosphere than most other places at that hour on a Sunday. And they're open to 5am. ( )

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      thanks, any more tips, etc. would be appreciated. I could also do early morning Monday (9 am or so) if it is close to shinjuku.

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        Just about the only thing open at 9am is hotel restaurants. Maybe Marble Lounge in the Hilton might be a good choice. They're open 24 hours a day.

    2. If you want sushi, sushi and nothing but sushi, then try the sushi place on Roppongi crossing, which is open until 5 a.m. (pretty sure it's open on Sundays as well). I am not a fan of that part of Roppongi, and would not normally recommend it, but for sushi, at that time of day, beggars probably can't be choosers.

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        I assume that if you're fighters, you're probably heavy eaters as well.
        Hina Sushi is the place near roppongi crossing, it's all you can eat sushi as well as shabu shabu.
        I've never been, but I know some big eaters who really love going there.

      2. The hours in that review do not say it is open until 5. Are you guys sure? If so, that is awesome and can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


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