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Jun 3, 2008 11:59 PM

"Better Because Of the Butter In The Batter"

Does anyone know which (Burbank, I'm thinking) bakery's slogan this is - or was? Back in the late '80's/early '90's, I was a record company marketing weasel, and the only thing that made that weekly morning marketing meeting bearable were the stupefyingly good rugelach one of the product managers would pick up from this place on his way in; that slogan was printed on the boxes, as I recall, or maybe on their sign. Fingers crossed it's still around, because suddenly, about twenty years later, I'm jonesing bad...

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  1. I dunno about the slogan, but Bea's Bakery in Tarzana has the most amazing Rugelach. Of course, it's the totally oppositte direction fom Burbank, but ,man, when I get them, they go FAST!

    I can't vouch for them myself, as I am allergic to nuts. All I know is that the mention of BEa's Bakery Rugelach makes people drool. I've seen it.

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    1. re: Diana

      You're right: I've just been reading what people have posted about Bea's and I love the combination of passion and glee the place inspires. So this way, if the legendary House of Butter eludes me, I'ma go check out Bea's this week...thanks!

      1. re: moejuste

        Bea's spoiled me for rugelach. I grew up on it (my preference is for the chocolate) and it was only when I reached adulthood and had it from numerous other places that I discovered that I don't really like the stuff.

        Pick up a black-and-white cookie while you're there. The chocolate layer cakes is also fantastic.

    2. Hi, just saw this question! The bakery was named Scandia Bakery. It was terrific; it had a nice little lunchroom in additon to the bakery case section. All very European.

      Sadly it has been gone for YEARS. It was located in the Von's shopping center on Pass, just north of Riverside Drive. The location in now divided into two properties; one is a French bistro, the second is a Starbucks.

      There were lots of old fashioned bakeries in Burbank when I first moved there in the they are gone. But now we have Porto's! YAY!!

      I always loved their motto.

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      1. re: CeeGeeC

        Wow - thanks so much for posting such an excellently-detailed answer! I'd actually given up on tracking this information down years ago - but at least now the question is settled. ('Ou sont les rugelach d'antan?', indeed.) I've certainly heard tell of Porto's and will definitely check them out. Hmmm...any idea if they've got rugelach, by the way?

        1. re: moejuste

          I don't think so. They are Cuban bakery, and their most famous pastry is the cheese rolls. People at work rush you if you bring in a box.


      2. That's funny... I can still hear my mom saying that slogan when I was little. She must have shopped there! Thanks for the memory!