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Jun 3, 2008 11:23 PM

Making phillies, any tips?

I wanted to make some Phillies for lunch tomorrow, just seeing if anyone had some tips. I got some French rolls, green peppers, mushrooms, onion and provolone on hand. I went to the store to get some steak for it and ended up getting chuck mock tender steaks (what the heck they were cheap).

They don't have much marbling like ribeye I should have probably bought. There are 3 in the package about 1/3 lb each. I froze them so I can hopefully slice them thin enough. I will probably just use my chef's knife after they thaw out a little bit so they're not sliding around while I cut them.

Anyone ever use this cut? Is it gonna be bone dry? Should I try a marinade of something?

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  1. Cut the chuck into thicker pieces than you would use for the Phili steaks, then pound them to proper thickness with a meat hammer, skillet or something else flat and heavy. A light oil based marinate will help to keep the meat moist. Good luck

    1. I assume your are making a Philly cheesesteak? You might try pounding the steak very thin to tenderize, then cut as thin as you can. Cook it all the way through, which should only take a minute or so.
      It's not the best cut of meat for the sandwich, but you should be ok, especially with your cheese and toppings.

      1. It won't help you this time but Trader Joe's has a cheesesteak meat package that's rib eye and shaved steak both cut thin. It makes a quick and easy cheesesteak.

        1. I agree with pounding.

          And I'm going to be a PITA and point out that a typical philly cheesesteak does not actually have green peppers in it. No reason you can't add them if you want them of course!
          (mushrooms and onions are usually add-ins too, but they are almost always options found on menus in Philly, where as I am not used to seeing green peppers)

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            Yeah, but I love green and red peppers so why not use them up? :)

            Thanks for the tips on pounding to tenderize and thin them out, guys. At least I'm not using cheez whiz like a lot of people do, hehe.

            1. re: wawajb

              And don't forget the pickled crushed red peppers, ketchup, salt and lots of pepper (no green peppers ever in a cheesesteak!).

              1. re: wawajb

                Really? Maybe you just don't notice it because you don't get them but it's pretty commonly available. I'd say more places do offer it than don't.

                Pat's, for instance:

                I think D'alessandros and Genos also offer them. Just about every pizza/sandwich joint as well since they've got green peppers on hand for other things. Chinks, Tony Luke's, John's do least not explicitly.

                1. re: jzerocsk

                  Sorry, I may have exaggerated. Of course you can get bell peppers on a cheesesteak at any place that has them around; however, none of the places I (used to) frequent in the Philly area include peppers as a default. But for some reason the rest of the country (based on every national chain's "philly cheesesteak" pizza, sandwich, etc) thinks that they do. It's my regional food pet peeve.

                  1. re: wawajb

                    I follow you...yeah nobody here puts them on there without you asking for it.

                    One of my food pet peeves is "rules" about what can and can't be used in a dish. If you like it, use it. And I love pineapple on pizza. And mango and papaya, for that matter.

                  2. re: jzerocsk

                    Of course they are offered. You can also put pineapple on a pizza, but why would you?

                    1. re: janniecooks

                      Haha, yep. Everybody has their own taste of what makes something "right" or not, depending largely on where you grew up and what you're used to. Pineapple does not go on pizza :)

                      Anyway the sandwiches turned out great, even with the green bell peppers! A little olive oil in the cast iron and S&P on the meat did the trick. Slicing the frozen steaks was pretty easy. Veggies in a separate pan.

                2. something else that you may try and it is what i do. I usually get cheaper cuts for my cheesesteaks, sear both sides, slice thick, pound out alittle bit, then put in a crock pot with some water and seaon with my favorites seasonings and let cook for awhile till tender. then when it is time to make sandwichs, i just pull out of crock pot with juices and then i do drizzle a little juice on sandwich before putting on everything else.