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Jun 3, 2008 10:55 PM

lookin' to cook in hong kong

We are travelling to Hong Kong for a short whirlwind trip and I am desperate to do a Chinese Cooking Class with a MARKET TOUR.

Who knows where to go ??

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  1. hard one, that. to get a good cooking class in hk is hard enough, to go on a market tour is even harder, considering that hk's open air wet markets are now few and far between.

    for classes you could try martha sherpa (she's chinese) - i've never been myself as i hear it's pretty rough n' ready. i think her website is something like good luck!

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      I did Thai cooking with Martha Sherpa and she was very good, the place is very well kept and clean (once you get inside - don't be put off by the outside of the building!). She also does dim sum and general chinese cooking.


    2. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you haven't already gone, check out the HK Tourist Assoc. They have offered a market tour in the past that ended with a short cooking lesson. There is also a professional culinary school that gives day classes to nonpros, but they usually do it for groups of 10 or more. You might see if you could tag on to a group. Google it and see what you find.

      Mike Stalder