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Jun 3, 2008 10:09 PM

Big pails of fresh berries

Where can I find these? I know they exist, I saw them on television once. Those wooden Foodland Ontario baskets full of blueberries and raspberries, easily a few pounds or so.

I've only seen berries by the pint here in Toronto, so I'm assuming I'd have to travel somewhere rural? That's fine, just tell me where to go once the season gets started.


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  1. Highland Farms sells buckets of cherries, in mid summer. Last year they were $17 red, $20 black, pitted and fresh frozen in a spray of syrup. They were only available for a few days.
    Raspberries and strawberries can be purchased at numerous farms just outside of Toronto. A list:

    1. In blueberry season, you can buy wild berries at roadside stands in Muskoka and north in various sizes of wooden baskets.


        I went there so many times last summer to get fresh berries. You can even get the Ontario blueberries that are the tiny ones... they taste reallyyyy good. You can buy pails and pails of berries in season. I'd say check them out late in the summer though, even into September.

        1. Try here:

          Maybe small wild blueberries but never raspberries packed liked that, mate. Sounds like food porn presentation, not market reality.BTW, those "few pounds or so" won't come cheap. You'll get a "flat" of 6-8 smaller boxes from a grower that you can dress-up in a wooden basket.

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            I figured it wouldn't be cheap, but hopefully it'd be a bit less than buying individual pints in the city. Thanks for the link.

            No wooden baskets, disappointing. Maybe I'll bring one along to perpetuate the myth, like you said.

          2. Any of those "pick your own" farms will have ready-picked buckets of berries for purchase.

            Ontario Berry Growers Association: