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Jun 3, 2008 10:07 PM

Skylounge on Bloor?

Has anyone been to Skylounge? My sister's visiting from nyc and my mom's visiting from Vancouver so I'm thinking of taking the ladies out for some shopping at Yorkville and then walking over to Skylounge for some casual late lunch. How's the food and how's the view?

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  1. It's not on the roof as you would presume from the name but in a courtyard on the first floor next to a condo construction site, so there's no view other than that.

    1. The interior courtyard is quite beautiful... lounge-y furniture and big patio umbrellas. I think it's a very under-publicized oasis (except at film festival time where it can get mob-y). Also, drinks and food are OK, as I remember.

      Dimbulb is right about the construction, so it might get annoying if you're there at the wrong time.

      1. If you want a view, go up to the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt for a drink before heading down to Skylounge for lunch. Another very nice lunch spot in Yorkville is the Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons hotel. It may be a better choice if you want to avoid the construction.

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          Or Panorama on top of the Manulife Building (Bay/Bloor, sw corner). Also has a great view, and you can actually have a conversation (which you can do at the Rooftop as well; I love that place too!).

        2. What a bummer... I actually thought Skylounge was on the roof. Why the hell is it called Skylounge if it's on the ground?? I also like four seasons but I just wanted to show the ladies a view of Toronto. I'm not a fan of Panorama but Roof Lounge sounds great. Do they have a lunch menu there? Thanks for all your suggestions.

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            If you want to show the ladies a view of Toronto, there is also Toula, on top of the Westin hotel, by the Harbourfront, or how about cocktails and nibbles at Canoe? I love going there for an apres work drink, although it is full of the Bay Street crowd until later in the evening (I'd say about 7-8 ish?). It is definetly a suit wearing lunch crowd.

            I don't know if that's too far away for you from the Yorkville shopping though.

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              You can see the sky? And Panorama doesn't do lunch. It's more a drinks place. In Yorkville, eat on the ground if you must, drink on the roof.

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                Panorama doesn't open until 5pm, so that would not be a lunch option for either food or drinks. It does have a fantastic view that I think is on the rare occasion worth the expensive drinks if you are just having a couple. Food is extremely over priced, do not even get something to nibble on there.