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Jun 3, 2008 09:54 PM

Best Outdoor Eating Downtown

A couple of my frends and I are celebrating a 21st birthday with a trip to Boston this weekend. With the weather looking like it will finally be nice I would love to find a restaurant with outdoor seating. Good Atmosphere would be appreciated but at the same time we can't spend a lot. I thought I may have seen that Houston's has outdoor seating?? Any other ideas??
Thanks for any help- I need it!!!

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  1. Houston's has mostly stand up tables for outside drinking. There are lots of places with outdoor patios at Quincy Market. McCormick & Schmick's has probably the largest patio. Along the waterfront the is Joe's American Bar and Grill with a big patio and Tia's is very popular at the Marriott. The best bargain in town, with the best view is the Daily Catch, located in the federal courthouse across the channel. Because of the recent fire at Hook's, I'm not sure the Northern Avenue Bridge is yet open to pedestrians, but it probably is by now. If not there is another bridge to get you there. And there is always Legal Sea Food's, almost across the street from the Aquarium.with it's great view of all the harbor activities. The best bang for the buck still is the Daily Catch.

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      I am feeling old writing the following sentence: When I was 21, Tia's would have been my top pick for your criteria. Probably comparable to Houston's price-wise, a little bit of a younger crowd, and right on the water.

      From Tia's you can walk to Sail Loft for drinks. Nothing gourmet or fancy about it but again, a younger crowd and friendly place.

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        If you look at the CH reviews of that particular Daily Catch, in the Moakley Courthouse, they are very bad (mine included). I would avoid it at all costs.

        After one bad lunch experience I gave them another shot and it was one of, if not the worst, dining experience of my life.

      2. For me it's Abe & Louie's.

        1. If by "downtown", you'd be cool with Back Bay or South End as well, a few more ideas:

          * B&G Oysters - nice sunken patio, very good fancy raw bar
          * Parish Cafe - nice patio at the top of Boylston Street, accessible American food
          * PF Chang's - yes it's a not-particularly-chowish midscale Chinese chain, but they have a great Theater District patio. And frankly, as far as Americanized Chinese goes, the food is actually reasonably tasty.
          * Sonsie - not quite outdoor, but they have floor-to-ceiling windows that they leave wide open in nice weather, a fun, "sceney" kind of place at the bottom of Newbury Street
          * Hamersley's - expensive, but very good New American, with a patio on one of the nicest corners in the South End. If money were no object, this would probably be my top pick.

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            Here are a couple places that might fit as well...
            *Rattlesnake on Bolyston Street - roofdeck with a bar and serves standard pub grub.
            *Cactus Club on Bolyston Street - outdoor seating - typical Tex-Mex food with solid adult bevs.
            *The Landing - located across from the Aquarium - great place to imbibe on novelty fish bowls and cocktails - I believe Legal's serves some of their grub at The Landing.
            *Stephanie's - Newbury Street - people watching location - more pricey and crowded.
            *The Times on Broad Street - Irish bar - outdoor patio but never have eaten there.

            *Sister Sorel, Stella, Rocca, Sibling Rivalry (I think has outdoor seating), Tremont 647 - all in the South End and more expensive and refined - menu's are upscale but great places!

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              I concur with Parish- I have a soft spot for them! Also -on Dartmouth across from the Back Bay T stop- Firefly's has outdoor seating and a reasonably priced menu.