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Jun 3, 2008 09:10 PM

Post baseball meal- Sunday evening

Visiting from out of town and going to the Dodgers game on Sunday night, (6pm start). Wondering what may be open for dinner afterwards between Dodger stadium and Century City where we are staying. Probably a 9:30 or 10pm dinner. Don't want anything too heavy and not looking for anything too fancy. Just a good place for some eats and maybe some drinks. Was thinking the Hungry Cat for the raw bar. Any fantastic suggestions?

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  1. I, of course, am a creature of habit and any visit to Dodger Stadium includes a stop at Phillippe's for a french dip (pork with cole slaw and sliced beets on the side). If that's not your idea of a post-game meal, then you could into the Thai area of Hollywood, where good restaurants always seem open. You'd have to check hours, but if Jitlada is open, then you'd be in great shape.

    1. I agree with Glutton. Phillipe's. Beef dip for me with a side of cole slaw and a coke. Maybe a piece of coconut cream pie for dessert. Maybe the Pantry.

      1. Hungry Cat is a good choice. Jitlada is also a good recommendation. I would also consider Red Lion Tavern, Lou, Vito's, Pizzeria Mozza (not sure how late these are open tho).

        1. I've been to Phillipe's for a beef dip, which is fantastic, so we're looking for something new. I'm from Vancouver, so we get great asian here. Looking for something a "hipper"? Does anyone know if the raw bar at the Hungry Cat would suffice for a light late dinner?

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            When you say "suffice," are you asking if they are open and serving at that hour? I think they are, but you'd have to call them to be sure.

            Red Lion is a good option to consider, but I would also call them to see if the kitchen is still open at 10PM on a Sunday night.

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              Please don't take offense, Vancouver does have great Asian chow, but Jitlada Thai is extraordinary. Between our Thai Town in Hollywood and the Thai Gulch in N. Hollywood we have quite a few really good Thai restaurants but the current incarnation of Jitlada, especially the Southern Thai menu translated into English by Chicago ChowHound Eric is just the best. It would be very good if they were in Bankok! This is not a place that concentrates on the Americanized dishes, Pad Thai, Chicken Sate, Tom Yum Gai etc. They offer a large number of dishes that I have not seen on any other Thai menu in N. America!

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                Just to piggyback a little on what sel said...
                Vancouver has great Chinese food. Maybe also worth mentioning is the Vietnamese food, but Vancouver does not have the same quality of Thai food as LA.

            2. I never can go near the Dodger Stadium area without stopping into the Carnitas Michaocan just east of Chavez Ravine. An open air taco shack, they serve my favorite burritos in town. The carne asada is good, but the meat to get is the al pastor, sliced from a rotisserie spit. What pulls it all together is their amazing salsa roja -- thin, brick-brown, spicy, complex, hot -- an extraordinary condiment. Ask for as many thimble-size containers as they'll give you, then pop the extra couple of bucks and buy a small cup to go. This is an order at one window and pickup at another place, with a covered patio with picnic-table seating. It is on North Broadway above Chinatown, on the N/W corner of 19th, very close to where the 5 freeway intersects Broadway. Burritos are about $5. Great for a snack before the game or very casual meal right afterwards.