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Jun 3, 2008 08:54 PM

Elizabeth's and "The Joint" in Bywater

Mom wants talking about going to either/both of these places sometime in the near future and I was wondering if anyone on here had any comments about them. Thanks!

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  1. why not try both:

    also look for the special appearances of local chefs at Bacchanal:
    sign up for their newsletter to see who's cooking...

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    1. re: edible complex

      i'm planning on visiting both of these places when i'm there next week. i loved the idea of bacchanal but i believe they're having some serious problems: chris & his significant other were in a bad car accident. i'm not sure how that's impacted the day to day business but i know they haven't updated their "weekly chef" thing since april.
      edible, do you know what the situation is? i was hoping to stop by their place too. i'm not sure if it's even open right now.

      1. re: bataille2

        I went to Bacchanal during Jazz Fest, when Chef Ian from Iris was cooking there. The place was packed. I was on their email list receiving updates, until I realized I forgot to sign up again with my new address. I saw that the website is way behind in updates, but had been updated several times since the accident.
        That said, St. James Cheese Company is behind in updating their site on their Thursday night dinners w/Corbin Evans. This place is new and located next to the Wine Seller on Prytania. It's BYOB w/a $3.00 corkage. Their deli and menu is crazy good with an extensive selection. The Thursday night dinners are 4 courses for $40, BYOB.
        Other very happening, casual newbies uptown are J'Anita's, Stein's Deli, and il Posto. Also to that list is Felipe's, across from Elio's Wine & Spirits. It's very casual and very fresh Mexican fare w/incredible margaritas and sangria. My favorites are chorizo and cheese melting pots, shrimp quesadilla, the steak quesadilla and/or steak taco salad, anything pork, and the pork tamales (when available)
        If you're more inclined to stay in the Bywater, try the new incarnation of:
        The Country Club. 634 Louisa St . 945-0742. Seeing great reports of their brunch/lunch. Their menu is online. Have yet to read anything bad about it, and it just (re)opened. I hear the best tables are out on the veranda.
        Have a great trip!

    2. Both are great. Elizabeth's is better for brunch (I think), in fact it's tied for my best brunch place with Dante's. The Joint is the best BBQ in town by far, and Pete & Jenny (the owners) are an extremely nice couple. Try the Mac & Cheese as a side, it's a little different and a lot good.

      1. Both are great. The Joint is probably best BBQ in town (Walkers is close) and Elizabeth's has a great brunch menu. Both also have the feel of 'hidden gems' although they are fairly well known.

        I recommend the creole cream cheese stuffed french toast and the callas at Elizabeth's.