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Jun 3, 2008 08:39 PM

try Elizabeth's Kitchen, Concord NH - Greek, Mediterranean, veg options

Concord is a restaurant wasteland of chain crap. So when there is a newer place that's really good, locally owned, right downtown, with vegetarian options, I want to share it. I want her to stay in business and stay in Concord so I can eat there forever!

Mediterranean and Greek food with plenty of vegetarian options, and breakfast too. Elizabeth has been in the restaurant biz for a long time. She is a hoot, and she prepares her food with love. I have never had anything there that wasn't really good. She does amazing catering too, for parties as well as business lunches etc. I had a catered breakfast she did once and it was so yummy I overate.

I eat meat, so I love the kibbi (stuffed with onions and pine nuts, heavenly). The moussaka is great too, and the lamb kebabs. You might not be familiar with it, but try the lamb stafatho dinner. Spanakopita and the briami (roasted veggies) are my non-meat faves. The two different veggie sampler plates are a nice assortment, and with good meatless dolmades stuffed grape leaves.
All the Greek dinners and vegetarian plates are great, nice tzatziki sauce, salads with good black olives and really nice feta cubes. The wraps are great for lunch.

The place is small-medium size, and not fancy, but reasonably priced for such great homemade food. Not open Sundays so plan around that. Dinner til 8 Th-Sat. Breakfast starting at 8am and lunch every day.

Elizabeth's Kitchen is on Pleasant St, on the right in the first block as you turn onto Pleasant from Main St. It's easy to find. She has outdoor sidewalk tables with umbrellas now for summer too.

this is her website for menus, hours etc. You can even order takeout meals or catering order ONLINE and don't need to call it in.

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  1. I would second Elizabeth's in Concord. A friend I work with eats there every week and brought me in samples of her specialties. I had the best soup...don't know what it was called, but it had a great lemonny flavor. Also had the moussaka..Fantastic!! We haven't eaten there yet...just take out.

    1. I ate there about a year ago and the food was well done. I'm glad to hear that it is going strong.