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Jun 3, 2008 08:34 PM

dinner at Ibiza

amuse to start...Great little cod balls with garlic aioli and balsamic gaspacho...great ( the chef at sauce should try one of these and reformulate his arancia balls)

Wonderful asparagus and arugla

Duck confit lasana with foie gras of the best dishes ever

seafood and chicken paella...shrinp, clams and mussels..grilled and terrific...chicken dry and sausage ...too ground up...rice was great..maybe a touch overcooked...but full of flavor

dessert..bread puudding with coffee sauce and cinnamon ice creamm...Ok but nothing with a punch to it

cinnamon cookie ...wonderful...malted milshake timbale...ok but weak and watery

2 glasses each for sangria...a tad expensive.. $38

port to finish...very nice meal despite all the Yalies

about $160 for two

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  1. I think you mean Ibiza.... my favorite restaurant in New Haven....

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      any typing done within two feet of the keyboard is exempt from spelling...and i have a bandaid on my index should see sonme of the errors ive made

      1. re: sodagirl

        All fixed!
        I have trouble with the prices there. Good stuff, but not a great value.
        Thanks for the post!