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Jun 3, 2008 08:34 PM

BEST Pizza in Jacksonville's Riverside neighborhood

Vienna Beer Garden on the corner of King and Forbes recently changed their menu from an Eastern Europe Wiener Snitzel, Perogi, Borscht thing to pizza and it is REALLY GOOD. There is a lot of pizza in the Riverside area (Moon River, Al's,etc) but this is worth trying. The thin crust was very good - definately home made and similar to what i remember years ago in Naples. They are never busy but I really hope they make it. Good wine and beer too. check it out!

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  1. Thx for the word, JJB. I got the word on the changes to pizza/italian at this location, but didn't know if it was any good. I was never a fan of the previous schnitzel regime - one visit was enough for me. I'll check it out and post back. Looking for a good thin crust pizza with some taste and crunch.

    I like the atmosphere at Moon River, and it's a good pie - the real killer app at Al's is that steak, onion, and cheese calzone. Worth a try.

    1. Posting back after a visit. You're absolutely right, this was an outstanding pizza. We got a large "deluxe" (hold the green peppers) and the crust was thin, tasty, and downright delicate. Not like anything else in the area, for sure. Looking forward to getting my hands on a nice pizza margherita from the same source.

      At present, I would recommend this as a takeout place, though - the air conditioner was on the fritz, and we could just manage to stay there long enough to wait for the pizza to come out. The surreal nature of the musical accompaniment (happy choruses singing happy German tunes) while watching CNN and drag races on the flat screens behind the bar was either a bonus or a drag, depending on your appetite for the bizarre. I kinda enjoyed it, actually - but they've got to get the air working. The food was great - the rest is a work in progress, at best.

      Again, a terrific pizza - all toppings were diced small, proportions were well judged, and the crust will keep you coming back - nice work by a pizza chef that knows what he/she is doing. Worth a visit - pick a cooler moment than we did, though.

      1. One final addition - they deliver (free) to the Riverside - Avondale area until 9 PM w/ a $20 minimum order. The number is 388-2760 - fax is 388-2765. With Pizza Palace, Moon River, and Al's in the vicinity, there a lot of non-chain pizza around, but this may be the best - there's nothing else quite like it around here.

        1. "Looking forward to getting my hands on a nice pizza margherita from the same source."

          Ummm... This was better than a nice pizza margherita - this may be the best pizza I've in this town ever. Thin, perfect crust spread a thin layer of fresh pesto/olive oil, mozzerella, diced roma tomatoes, and some nicely judged bits of ricotta dotted over the whole thing. I could barely get home before we ripped this box open and hit this like the fist of an angry God. The pesto - the smell, wow.

          If you love your pizza pie, run, don't walk to this joint and bring your business. We want to keep this gifted lady pizza chef busy and employed - we've seen too many places this good go away around here... Most highly recommended.

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            Unfortunately, due to lack of business, Vienna Garden has closed.
            Hopefully their amazing pizza chef will go somewhere else in the area.

          2. If you like NY thin, crispy-not floppy pizza-Give Tommy's on Southside Blvd-next to Piano Expo a try. He is from there & a FCCJ Culinary School Grad-he's got it perfected with only the freshest ingrdients. Try a Caprese Salad & a cheese or pepperoni pie. Nirvana.............