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Which branch of Teaism is best? What do you order?

I've only been to two. The one near the White House and the Dupont circle one. I like the special tandoori chicken at the WH branch - but didn't have as much luck at the Dupont Branch food wise. I ordered the chicken meatballs and thought they were kind of so-so. What am I doing wrong? What do you like to order at either branch? I understand they have different menus? Give me some advice. TIA!

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  1. Their menus are on the Web site, if that helps. I like the location near the Portrait Gallery. It's a slightly nicer space than Dupont, and I love their gift shop.

    My favorite thing there is their lentil soup. It's soooo good.

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      ^^Is it larger - more seating? Why type of things does the giftshop have?

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        It's probably about the same size - seating on the main floor, plus another floor - but it's a little better maintained. Just a bit nicer. The gift shop is next door and mostly has tea and coffee-related gifts, like nice mugs, beautiful tea pots, etc. It's darling. Good for a last-minute hostess gift.

    2. I like the one at Penn Quarter b/c the downstairs seating area is large and nice (with a koi pond). I agree with katecm, my favorite thing far and away is the lentil soup. It's the best I've had.

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          ^^Thank you - I didn't see that. : )

        2. I like the one in Dupont circle because they have the japanese green tea rice and salmon soup- perfect lunch, only $7.

          But far and away my favorite tea shop for ambiance isn't teaism, but the chinese tea shop Ching Ching Cha, on Wisconsin below M in Georgetown. Amazing, delicate teas; amazing delicate food; bright and airy, authentic seating.

          Neither of these are as great as Camellia Sinensis in Montreal, but they come close.

          1. The Penn Quarter location is the biggest and probably the best. The executive chef stays mainly in this location.
            The other 2 are still good, but not as many choices.

            Their chicken salad and chicken bento is awesome... and the sweet potato salad.

            oh and the salty oat cookies mmmm

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              Maybe Penn Quarter is where the executive chef keeps his penthouse. I had the salmon bento there a few weeks on a Sunday afternoon and it was awful. It was cold -- as if refrigerated and not fully reheated.

            2. I posted on the other thread about not really liking the place, but I will say that the positive definitely is their rice pudding. That was excellent, I would go back for that and just that. I might try another tea, the iced tea I had was awful, I make better at home with good loose leaf, but it might of just been the kind I ordered. With all their selection they must have better.

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                ^^That's an excellent tip - I LOVE rice pudding, so I will try that for sure. I had the bubble tea at the layfayette location and wasn't very happy with it. Soooo sweet it was hard to get down (actually I didn't). I also had the same problem with cold food as Minger at the Dupont location. I guess it's since they pre-make lots of things?

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                  I've had just as much trouble with the warm bento boxes at Farragut... but mine was more that they were just bad flavor combinations for me, well and the execution. But yeah the rice pudding very good, it was the savior of my meal.

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                    The bubbles aren't very good in the bubble tea, if you've gotten good stuff like at Eden Center, you can tell the difference. Just yesterday had a salty oat cookie and the ginger limeade, though, and that's a great summer afternoon pick-me-up for sure.

                2. I think the dupont location is best. I usually get the salmon bento for lunch (with a green mint iced tea). Breakfast is the best--cilantro scrambled eggs, naan (only on weekends), tea cured salmon, and a mango juice. If I am just looking for a snack, I get the ginger scones with an extra apricot jam. The WH location is small but a bit more 'polished.' They have a delicious chicken bento for lunch with horseradish sauce that I really like. The menus are similar but different.