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Thai House in Scottsdale? (FLW/Pima)

Has anyone been to Thai House in the center with the Best Buy near Ray's pizza and Peter Piper Pizza off of the 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright? I noticed it for the first time the other day and I went to their website and see that they have another location in Mesa. Their menu is online and it seems affordable and basic, so I'll probably end up there relatively soon, but I wanted to see if any hounds and tried it already! Let me know your thoughts! TIA!

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  1. I had no idea there was a Thai place in that plaza.

    1. I didn't realize that the loacation @ Power/Southern in Mesa was owned by the same people (duh, hense the same name:)
      I have been to the Mesa location twice but it was a while ago and I remember liking it quite a bit. I had the Tom Ka Gai (as I do everytime I eat Thai) and a Shrimp dish and enjoyed them both. The location in Mesa is very small, maybe 10 tables or so and has that "Ma and Pa" feel to it. I mean that in a good way. I also remember that their food was very spicy even when I requested medium spice so keep that in mind.

      1. yes! that place is awesome. the first time i went there i knew i'd be a regular. i have probably eaten there 20 times in the last 2 months. everything that i have tried on the menu is superb. (except the salmon dish, i didn't like how it was prepared.) but, my b/f and i will always get a different dish, and share. it's delicious and i recommend it 100%!!

        1. They offer a "spicy scale" of 0-5, but it's possible, in theory, to order off the scale. After a eating a "5" and commenting that I might like it a little spicier, I was told that we might try ordering a 7 or 8 next time. I've tried ordering 5, 8, 20, whatever. Always comes out a 5 or a 3. Very frustrating.

          The food is delicious and I will look forward to dining there once I can overcome this spicy level hurdle. 5 is just not spicy enough.

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            Well, I went back for another try today.

            Wonderful service this time around. Spicy noodles were delicious and the server even brought out some extra chili sauce/powder for us just in case we needed it.

            Very positive experience.

          2. Thank you to everyone for your responses! I'm definitely going to try it some time within the next few weeks and I'll be sure and report back :)

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              I have been here about 3 times and each time i have had to request a higher heat rating. First time i requested a 5 star (assuming that 5 is the max at most thai restaurants); that wasnt hot enough. Next time i asked for something hotter and they recommended a 10 star, so i ordered 10 and that wasnt hot enough. So tonight i requested something hotter and they said that they go all the way up to 25 stars!! I decided to stick with the 10 star on the kung pao chicken and that seemed to be sufficient, even my wife thought after trying it that her lips were going to fall off.

              As far as the food, i would say this is some of the better Thai food around when it comes to freshness. I have tried just about all of them around the tempe/scottsdale area (benjarong, yupha, thai basil, lemon grass, swaddee and malee's) and for the price Thai House is an excellent deal. The quality of their Larb is top notch and does not rely on the fish sauce too much.

            2. Marking the place.

              Thai House
              15576 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

              1. I just went to Thai House for lunch and ordered the spicy noodles and the beef pat phrik king. Both were excellent...and spicy as all heck. I went with a friend who has lived in Bangkok and was able to order the dishes in Thai (that might have made a difference in how hot they made it). She assured me that both dishes were completely authentic and well executed, particularly the touch of kaffir lime leaves (in the menu it said "lemon leaves") on the dish. Who would have thought, great Thai food in North Scottsdale.

                1. I finally got around to trying this place! I had it to-go, and I just had the basic pad thai lunch combo, but I know that I'll definitely be back. I try pad thai at all thai restaurants and tend to judge them against one another based on that dish (I'm not a super-adventurous eater as you may have guessed). Thai House has great pad thai, which was on the sweeter side, and their rice (both jasmine and fried) were awesome. The fried rice was especially great-it was light and not greasy at all, something I've never experienced! The salad that came with it had a dressing that I didn't enjoy, but the rice and pad thai were tasty enough that I'll be back to try other menu items. The price wasn't bad either-it was around seven bucks for an entree, rice and a salad.

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                    I got take-out again tonight and decided to try something different. This time I ordered the fresh spring rolls (rice paper, carrots, vermicelli noodles, cucumber, lettuce and mint served with a mix between a peanut and sweet and sour sauce) and they were delicious! The sauce was unique, very sweet but I loved it. They aren't fried, but my mom went last week and had the fried variety and raved about those.

                    I also ordered the Tom Ka Gai soup, which I've only had once before at a place in Tucson. I ordered a cup of it at a spice level of 3, and it was SO good! I hope it's this good everywhere, because I'm going to try it at all thai places just to try it out. It was filled with tender chicken, mushrooms, and other veggies that I couldn't identify (some were really hard to chew-maybe some thai veggie that I'm not familiar with?) It was a perfect mixture of hot and sweet and spicy, and I feel like there was more coconut milk in this version than the previous one I had. The creaminess was great, but once I started feeling full it became less appealing. I'd definitely order it again, but I'd make it my meal.

                    I got a side of jasmine rice after being told that was the only type of rice they had at dinner, but when I walked in I saw a sign that said they had brown rice as a special with dinner...interesting. Maybe the woman on the phone didn't understand me? I'll definitely be back to try more items on the menu!

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                      Um, those "veggies" were probably lemongrass, galangal, and/or kaffir lime leaves. They aren't usually meant to be eaten. :) The fact that they were in there is a good thing, though. They add lots of flavor.

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                        Haha that's why I didn't eat them...I was chewing and I was like, "is this food? it seems like a plant..." good thing!

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                        If you liked their Tom Ka Gai, you will LOVE it at other valley Thai restaurants. I really like Thai House but Tom Ka Gai is my absolute FAVORITE soup and I have had better versions elsewhere. Ditto Firenza00, my guess is you got a piece of galangal (it kind of resembles ginger).

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                          Very, very true. I've never been to Thai House, so I can't speak to their Tom Ka Gai, but there are so many places with a great version. Our favorite is at Osha Thai. Everything we've gotten there has been amazing. They really have mastered the art of making food flavorful and spicy, but without the heat that masks the flavors. Their version of the soup is perfect - flavorful without the heat.

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                            Where have you had better versions? I'll try Osha Thai (Thanks Tara17!) and report back, but I'd like to compile a list of "to try" places for this soup...I'm addicted! :)

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                              I often get the Tom Kha at Swaddee, which is fantastic. Give that a try. I can't speak to Osha's version, but I'm a fan of their other dishes, so my guess is that their's is quite good as well.

                      3. Tried this Wednesday for a late lunch (lunch is until 3 pm). Ordered the Basil Chicken, which was quite good. The fired rice was more distinguished by the addition of egg and veggies than by any "fried" quality; likewise, the egg drop soup had more veggies than I would have expected. Overall, I am trying to decide if the quality was better than Swadee, my local favorite; I really can't decide that until I've tried the Tom Ka, Pad Thai, etc.. One thing, though; the atmosphere is fine for lunch during the workday but I can't see taking a date here for dinner, unlike Swadee.

                        1. We did takeout from Thai House last night. I had the shrimp pad thai. The shrimp were smaller than I expected, they left the tails on, and they were overcooked. Also, the pad thai was missing the traditional lime wedge and chopped peanuts. Overall the flavor of the dish was ok, but it was missing something for me. Maybe the acidity from the lime would have helped.

                          My DS had the pineapple fried rice. Lots of big chunks of chicken, plus egg, raisins, and big pieces of pineapple. He liked it, but I thought it was bland.

                          We will give the place another try b/c the prices are extremely reasonable and it's very close to us.

                          1. Strip mall exterior belies the quality of food inside. Service is OK, but make sure you close the language gap when ordering by repeating the order. If you are getting take out, check the order there, as they leave things out and sometimes get things wrong. However, given the lack of competition for Thai food of this quality in the area, the service issues can be overlooked. If you like Thai food, eat there!

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                              Picked up Thai House To Go today...as I am in the middle of a house remodel...and didn't want to venture too far away as everytime I leave the contractors have a question.
                              I picked up a Chicken Panang...'5' spice and a pad thai '5' spice. I could have easily had them both spicier...but they had a kick which was nice!

                              Thai House was adorable...love the orangy/terra cotta...green decor...gave me some ideas for the house!
                              The place was clean, modern...and very busy!
                              The food was delicious! Loved the panang...It was rich and coconutty in flavor.

                              Thai House is now on my hit list for dinner!

                              The Chili Garlic Fish and the Spicy Salmon w/ curry and basil are calling my name!

                            2. I have eaten there twice. It gets packed between 12 and 1, so try to go a little later. I have had the fresh spring rolls- fresh and delish. I have ordered the green papaya salad (som tum) both times I went. MY experience was that the second time I got it, I asked for "3" on the spiciness scale and it just about singed my lips off! I couldn't finish it for the pain. I like spicy food, but usually stick to "medium" because it hurts my guts when I eat "hot." They must not be very good at gauging the spiciness they are offering.