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Baked goods sale at closing time?

Hi everyone,
I've only seen a handful of places that have sales on their baked products about an hour or so before closing time. I know that Au Bon Pain usually sell their baked goods for 50% off from 9PM-10PM and that Zabar's sells its bagels (and often times ready made sandwiches!) at a discounted price as well. Are there any other places around the city (preferably near NYU) or in the outer boroughs that sell baked goods at a discount as well?


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  1. Amy's Bread--at least the Chelsea Market branch--has baked goods on sale after 6pm.

    1. When I popped into Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell's Kitchen an hour before closing, I got a sandwich for half off. Don't know if it's with all their products, but it was a pleasant surprise.

      1. Birdbath will usually throw in extra baked goods if it's close to closing time. But they tend to close pretty late. 10pm I think.

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          i havent been to birdbath (7th ave) in about a year but last visit got 50% off baked goods late afternnon on -i think it was after 3 or 4pm. Not sure if that is still in effect though

        2. eleni's chelsea market has a happy hour half off sale daily.

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            Fat Witch brownies in Chelsea market sells at half price in late afternoon...brownies are amazing and also great are their rice krispy/marshmallow bars..

          2. When I was in school, the bagel place up the street from Weinstein on University Place was popular for its discounted bagels on Monday or Tuesday evening.

            1. I'd like to revive this thread. Any up-to-date reports of discounted baked goods?

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                Besides all the ones mentioned here Spot's cupcakes are half off an hour before closing. I'm not too sure on any of their other to go items. I've really liked one of their puddings, it had berries and yuzu in it.

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                  Yura, at 92nd & Madison does this. Bags of bagels at half price or less, plus two for one pastries.

                2. I believe Balthazar offers 50% off their baked goods after 7 p.m.

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                    Are you sure? I vaguely recall there being some half off or two for one sale but it wasn't storewide. I'd be curious to know more about it.

                    I think Falai on Lafayette offers a half off sale though.

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