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Jun 3, 2008 07:26 PM

Baked goods sale at closing time?

Hi everyone,
I've only seen a handful of places that have sales on their baked products about an hour or so before closing time. I know that Au Bon Pain usually sell their baked goods for 50% off from 9PM-10PM and that Zabar's sells its bagels (and often times ready made sandwiches!) at a discounted price as well. Are there any other places around the city (preferably near NYU) or in the outer boroughs that sell baked goods at a discount as well?


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  1. Amy's Bread--at least the Chelsea Market branch--has baked goods on sale after 6pm.

    1. When I popped into Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell's Kitchen an hour before closing, I got a sandwich for half off. Don't know if it's with all their products, but it was a pleasant surprise.

      1. Birdbath will usually throw in extra baked goods if it's close to closing time. But they tend to close pretty late. 10pm I think.

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          i havent been to birdbath (7th ave) in about a year but last visit got 50% off baked goods late afternnon on -i think it was after 3 or 4pm. Not sure if that is still in effect though

        2. eleni's chelsea market has a happy hour half off sale daily.

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            Fat Witch brownies in Chelsea market sells at half price in late afternoon...brownies are amazing and also great are their rice krispy/marshmallow bars..

          2. When I was in school, the bagel place up the street from Weinstein on University Place was popular for its discounted bagels on Monday or Tuesday evening.