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Jun 3, 2008 07:08 PM

Japanese Spaghetti?

I moved to the SF Bay from Hawaii, where I loved eating at this japanese/italian fusion restaurant called Angelo Pietro ( I have a huge craving for the japanese-influenced pasta and wonder if there are any places in the Bay area that are similar?


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  1. I've heard of that place that receives rave reviews amongst Japanese expats who have been there, but again it is like night vs day over here (much like curry rice and ramen where it is for sure better in Oahu).

    But if you need a yoshoku fix, SF Japantown's On The Bridge will likely be the prime candidate. Natto spaghetti and the ilk.

    1. love the pietro dressing

      1. Love the natto bacon spaghetti at Angelo Pietro! (And if you have a honey toast sundae next door at Shokudo afterwards, you have a perfect, if starchy, meal!)

        I agree On the Bridge is probably the closest you'll get. Their natto spaghetti is different, and much more straightforward, but still good.

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          I will check out On The Bridge! Thanks for your help...

        2. Try Prince Cafe on 18th & Geary for Chinese-style Western food. They have a baked spaghetti plate with some kind of orange-brown sauce.

          I enjoyed their "Fish Filet w/ Ham & Cheese Sauce".

          Prince Cafe - Closed
          5423 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

          1. Is this what you're looking for?


            There is a Curry House in Cupertino

            10350 South De Anza Blvd
            Cupertino, CA 95015
            (408) 517-1440

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              yes! and, it looks like it's also a good place for my curry fix (i've missed eating at Curry House Coco Ichibanya in Hawaii). Thank you!!

              1. re: hotnspicy

                I love the natto curry at Coco Ichibanya! (Can you detect a theme here?)

                If you're in San Francisco during a weekday, you may want to try Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill:

                1. re: Debbie M

                  i work in SF and my co-workers and i are often in search of new places to try, so this will definitely be considered when craving some japanese curry! thank you!

                2. re: hotnspicy

                  Just a warning... This chain of Curry House is not the same as the Curry House in Hawaii. The Ala Moana Curry House is cheap and a good way. ;) The Curry House in Cupertino is a tad bit more upscale. I miss Curry House in Hawaii!!!

                  Since the South Bay doesn't seem out of the way for you, there's also Toby Tyler's in Sunnyvale. Popular with Japanese ex-pats. They also have Japanese spaghetti. I haven't been there in years, so I can't comment on the quality.

                  1. re: al88

                    i figured they'd be different, but it's worth checking out to see how it compares. Toby Tyler's will also be on my list of places to try! Thank you for all of the suggestions, which have been more than I would've expected.