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Dining for one near NIH

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I will be at a training session next week (June 8-13th) at the NIH and staying on the Metro line in Bethesda. As dinners will be paid for by my employer, I need to keep the prices reasonable (under $25 for entree) and I will be on my own so would like some recommendations of where to dine alone. I won't have a car and would prefer to walk if possible if it's safe to do so.

I'm from Boston and eat out in Chinatown here a lot, but I have no particular preference in terms of food type.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. This might help you out: http://www.bethesda.org/dining/dining...

      I've had good luck at Bacchus, La Panneteria and Trattoria Sorrento (all probably spelled wrong here!)

      1. FYI, Bethesda is very safe.

        1. I know that it's a "chain" and most of them are appropriately trashed on here but the Houston's in Bethesda is in your price range, a good place for a single diner and some of the dishes are really quite good.

          1. A great place is Lia's in Friendship Heights - right by the metro. Monday-Friday until 7pm (and all night Monday and wednesday), they have a great happy hour...$5 burgers, etc.

            For one, the bar is very nice. They have TVs and nice bartenders. Also, they have lovely outside seating when the weather cooperates. The full menu is available at the bar and I've never had a bad meal there. They make wonderful gelato, too. That never hurts!

            It's also a relatively nice area to walk around if you're up for it.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll report back with any good finds...

              1. There are so many good choices in your price range. If you like Indian, Passage to India is one of the best, if not the best, Indian restaurant in metro DC. It's on Cordell Ave., in Bethesda. Mia's pizza is just across the street, also very good. Just down the street on Cordell is Faryab, an excellent Afghan place.

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried several different places including Passage to India and as usual you were right! Tasty!! I also had a chance to try Ekiben a Korean/Japanese place and the Burger Joint. For more details please see http://rhymeswithhungry.blogspot.com/ under the category Bethesda. And for anyone eating on the NIH campus the cafeterias are very affordable, but not really too yummy.