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Jun 3, 2008 05:43 PM


I have called Schwa restaurant three times and each time I have been connected to their mailbox which is full.

As I am in Toronto I am unable to drive over there and try to get a reservation for July 24, 2008 at 6:00pm 2 people name "Manson."

Does anyone in Chicago have any idea what I can try next?

Paul Manson

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  1. Keep calling...nothing else you can do.

    1. It is a lovely place, but there are also other lovely places in Chicago. I am sure that if you don't get a reservation, you'll have a great dinner elsewhere :)

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      1. re: leek

        Where else would you recommend other than Alinea and L2O? [Moto was a disaster for us last year]

        1. re: tawnyport

          You could try Graham Elliot, the chef from Avenues just opened his own restaurant...

          1. re: tawnyport

            I'm curious why Moto was a disaster? My SO and are are currently debating Moto vs Alinea for an upcoming dinner.

            1. re: parleek

              We had great difficulty with the service. In spite of having given a list of no-nos [no alcohol, no chocolate and no hot or spicy food for the wife] they served her an alcohol dish and a chocolate dish. We just were not happy with the experience.

              1. re: tawnyport

                I guess my response is, one doesn't generally pick a restaurant known for limited menus thought up by a whimsical chef served in a very unorthodox manner when one has a major list of no-nos. I can imagine that the white chocolate listed on the menu is what makes the dish special. If one is very susceptical to allergic reactions, I would suggest not dining at this type of restaurant where the chef is likely to have a pupose for each ingredient. If it's merely a case of plain tastebuds I doubly state avoiding the restaurant so that others can enjoy the wonderful creations.

                I can now understand your comment on Moto.

                1. re: jbontario

                  Good advice. But we regularly dine in these type of restaurants and rarley encounter difficulties. Most restaurant preparing food 'a la moment' are more than pleased to accomodate my wife's needs. We have dined at Alinea and WD 50 without problem. It is not simply a case of tastebuds in the case of the alcohol and chocolate. Each creates severe allergic reactions. When the server listens and passes on the message to the kitchen, th reults are usually favourable.

        2. If it helps - you would be asked to leave if you walked in to try to secure a reservation.

          Keep calling, most people I know have had luck at around between 10:30 and 11:30, or in the 3 o'clock hour - this is nothing more than anecdotal evidence though.