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Jun 3, 2008 05:28 PM

Birthday in Carlsbad

Turns out I will be in Carlsbad for my birthday next week and was wondering a good place for myself and a business associate to go. we are on expense accounts and while my per deim is unlimited we cant go "crazy". Suggestions?

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  1. Fish house Vera Cruz

    fresh and delicious fish

    Fish House Vera Cruz
    417 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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    1. re: Enorah

      +1 can't go wrong with FVC, best fish in the county. The Opah and Baquetta Bass are my favorites. I bought some really nice looking Copper River Salmon at their market today. They recently upgraded their side dishes which was way overdue, but the salad costs extra now.

      Fidel's (Now called just Norte) is good if you want Mexican, I'm stuck on the Tostada Suprema.

      Karl Strauss if you wan't brew and food although food is so so. Pizza Port is probably better brew but only has Pizza and frankly the place is like a frat house.

      1. re: pantani

        And the in house smoked tuna at Fish House Vera Cruz is awesome

        Makes we want to go get some just writing about it.

    2. Vigilucci's. the steak and seafood one at the corner of C'bad blvd and Tamarack. Go early and get a outdoor table and watch the sunset. Food is good and slightly upscale. When our office's consultant comes in we always take them to Vigilucci's. Can be loud on the patio if crowded, but that can be good if you don't want others to be able to listen to your conversations. Not too expensive under 30 for most entrees that are not steak.

      1. Do something different. I would check out Nozomi. It's an upscale Sushi place that has a wide ranging menu. Very tasty and they've got killer sake!

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        1. re: Luigi1963

          Thank you all. I forgot to mention I will be in Carlsbad for the week so I will go to each and every one of the spots mentioned. Thanks!!

          1. re: stevekw

            In that case here are a couple more recs for you in Encinitas which is just a bit south of Carlsbad

            Kaito for sushi - awesome, fantastic sushi

            Yumeya for izakaya (japanese tapas) - just wonderful, this tiny family owned and run eatery

            Kaito Sushi
            130-A N El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024

            1246 N Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

        2. I as always say go to King's Fish House. First to try the sand dabs (not on a lot of fish house menus) and second it's softshell crab season. Their standards are high--last year they wouldn't sever the softshell crabs because they didn't like the condition that their purveyor delivered them in--so they were rejected and taken off the menu.

          Go to the Coyote Cafe in downtown Carlsbad and get a blue margarita and small plates of kind of a southwest Mex.

          Siamese Basil in downtown Encinitas for great Thai--especially Thai Lotus Archichoke and Puram (spinach & tofu in a peanut sauce).