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Jun 3, 2008 05:26 PM

La Chaya (Minneapolis)

We ate at La Chaya on Nicollet between 45th and 46th and the food was GREAT!!!!! I had the halibut in banana leaves with an anchiote sauce and lime potato salad and my friend had the chicken with caper sauce. Both were excelent, nice flavors and perfectly done. The service was very good too. Make the trip to this friendly new neighborhood eatery and you won't be disappointed. I give them an enthusiastic two thumbs up.....

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    1. Ah! Thanks for this - my wife and I are hitting the Cities this weekend, and this was one of the places we were checking out.

      1. We ate there tonight. We felt really welcome. Wonderful warm people greeted us and seemed to really care about our experience. We had a pizza margarita for an ap, and the crust was crispy like pastry, not brittle. Then this completely amazing pepper soup with roasted corn. Followed by a fried cheese in a smoky tomatillo sauce, and the halibut mentioned above. A pasta with squid ink noodles. Great couple of desserts - mango peach torte and cocoanut ice cream. It is so pretty inside. The best food I've had in several months.

        1. Mrs. Gutgrease and I went to La Chaya on Friday night. I wasn't ecstatic to try the place, but it was definitely a good dinner.

          The staff was very nice and attentive. The wine suggestions were right on target. First we tried the oyster mushrooms with garlic and guajillo chili. It was a good start to the meal as I am a garlic fan. Everything worked well together except we decided that the toasted bread that came with it stole some of the flavor if eaten together.

          We were tempted by the soup of the day, but ended up going with traditional entrees. We split two meals. We had the grilled shrimp with cilantro pesto over mashed potatoes served with asparagus spears, and filet mignon topped with roasted poblano peppers served with mashed potatoes.

          The grilled shrimp were enormous and cooked well, but lacked any distinct flavor. There was a cilantro pesto sauce on the plate (on the side?), but it certainly wasn't enough sauce to lend flavor to the shrimp. The mashed potatoes and asparagus were both good. Overall it was a good entree but just lacked a little flavor.

          The filet mignon was excellent. Every bite melted in my mouth. The only bad part was that I had agreed to share my entree with Mrs. Gutgrease. Again the mashed potatoes were good and the poblano peppers and sauce were excellent. We truly enjoyed this meal.

          Overall I was happy with the meal, as it was able to turn my feelings around about coming to this restaurant. Although I'm never a fan of spending over $100 on dinner for two, this meal was worth it. Any time I can let that much money out of my pocket for one meal, and not regret it, I count that as a good place to eat.

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            Here is the link

            La Chaya Bistro
            4537 Nicollet Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

          2. We ate at La Chaya last night for my birthday. overall it was a very good meal, and the service was wonderful, as noted by others. Here is what we tried:

            Appetizer: Oyster Mushrooms with Garlic and Guajillo Chili served with Grilled Bread. i was happy to see they left the chiles whole in this dish, as ever since I was pregnant I can't seem to handle spicy food that well. The mushrooms themselves were nicely cooked and the bread was grilled dry, so it had nice char marks across it. I liked this dish, but would have liked it more if there had been a bit of acid in it to cut the heavy mushroom flavor a bit. I adore mushrooms, but they can be a bit much if there's not a contrasting flavor present.

            entrees: Sea Bass over Mashed Potatoes with Poblano Peppers. I am having a hard time remembering what the sauce was with this dish, but the fish was cooked perfectly and the rich sauce was a really good foil. My husband said it was the first time he regretted ordering a steak over a fish dish. The mashed potatoes were flavorful, but had a bit of a mealy, dry texture, as if they had been reheated, which is probably the case.

            Garlic Cilantro Ribeye Steak served with Green Caper Salsa, Grilled Spring Onions and Grilled Potatoes. Hubs subsituted mashed potatoes for the grilled potatoes. I was a bit wary of the capers here because I find them to be overwhelming generally, but they really worked in this dish. the vinegary punch was wonderful with the fatty steak, the grilled onions were delicious. Steak was perfectly cooked medium rare.

            We skipped dessert as we were too stuffed, but they had a wonderful sounding chocolate creme brulee with chipotle pepper.

            Total for appetizer, soup (can't speak to it because hubs got it and I didn't taste) 2 entrees and a bottle of wine: a bit over $100.00. We are excited to try their brunch next.