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Jun 3, 2008 05:15 PM

Great food in Northeast Philadelphia

I'm a former Philadelphian now living in San Francisco and am coming in to visit in 2 weeks.Am looking for recommended restaurants in Northeast Philly area.I enjoy delicious food of any kind and price.Any suggestions?

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  1. Unfortunately, you can't get great food in the Northeast. Even though there are a lot of hole in the wall ethnic places, the best you can hope for is something that's good and interesting. For that, here are a few suggestions:

    Picahna for Brazilian churrasco (6501 Castor Ave.)
    Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse for BBQ (7500 State Road)
    Fish & Grill Mediterranean Cuisine for BYOB seafood (9825 Bustleton Ave)

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      Thanks for the chuckle! I worked in the NE for 7 years and never had a "great" meal. Many meals, yes, but no great ones. Is Benny the Bum still there? (Bleh)

    2. One very good restaurant is Moonstruck, on Oxford Ave. just below Rhawn Street. Lovely ambience, consistently good food, and a parking lot. We even drive up there occasionally from center city.

      1. I t really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for upscale/high end, then take 95 into center city. But if you are looking for truly delicous homestyle food (and can forgive less that fancy atmosphere), there are a few restaurants in the northeast that I do consider great (and worth the 45 minute drive through some shady areas to get there!). Taste of Portgual is one of my favorite restaurants, some of the best food around. Cafe Tio Pepe also has great Portguese food. Try Picahana for a great Brazilian steakhouse.

        1. Depends on your definition of great. If you need a fine dining fix with white table cloths, etc..then the NE is not where to go.
          Good solid food. then most all already listed are good.

          THere's fun...there's ethnic..there's interesting..there's hole in the wall.. in the NE..

          Pichana is good. Austrian Village is fun (schnitzels/beer). Pho noodle shops around Adams and Rising Sun. Taste of Portugal near adams and the boulevard. Russian restaurants in the farther northeast (Bustleton Ave.)
          Moonstruck is your best bet for Havent been there in many years but recall good eats/presentation,.

          1. We really liked A Taste of Portugal. It isn't a fine dine...just wonderful food.