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Jun 3, 2008 03:52 PM

restaurant recommendation near minetta lane theatre

Any recommendation for dinner in the village near Minetta Lane theatre?

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  1. lots and lots. you're in a hotbed of restaurant dining down there. feel free to throw out cuisine and price preferences, and let us know whether you have time to get a reservation.

    w/o knowing your specs, here are some restaurants in the vicinity i like:

    lupa -- italian, moderate to expensive
    po -- italian, moderate
    mercadito grove -- mexican, moderate
    soto -- japanese / seafood, expensive
    la palapa rockola -- mexican, moderate
    blue ribbon bakery -- american comfort food, with an italian twist, moderate to expensive
    snack -- greek, inexpensive
    'ino -- italian, inexpensive
    galanga -- americanized thai, inexpensive

    1. Bar Blanc
      North Square

      1. if you're on minetta lane, i'd say you should strongly suggest checking out bellavitae. it's an italian tapas-y place, which i've never seen get much talk on here. it's one of my favorite places in the city, with some really awesome dishes (my favs are fried bread w/ prosciutto, breaded cauliflower w/ pingolis and currants, fried risotto balls, pasta w/ black pepper). i've never had a bad meal or a bad dish there, and the wine list is the size of a phone book. knowledgable waiters are quick to help and offer solid recommendations too.

        definitely check it out

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          Bellavitae is a must. It's one of my favorite restaurants too. My favorites include the lamb chops and the dish consisting of beef slices with a delicious sauce. I also recommend the pasta with cauliflower. Make sure you leave room for deserts too.

            1. re: jsmitty

              sorry to disagree. but i went to bellavitae once a few years ago and hated it. 4 of us went and none of us liked anything we ordered. service was awful too! have not been back since even though i have been to minetta lane theater several times and this would be the ideal restaurant since it is right next door.

              1. re: G3B

                too bad your experience wasn't a good one.. the preponderance of views on bellaviate are quite favorable. reviews, blogs etc...

        2. Was at the Minetta Lane just last weekend, and 5 of us had a very good post-show dinner (great play, BTW, assuming you're seeing "Adding Machine") at Bar Pitti, just a block or two south of the theatre. We particularly liked the eggplant parm, the lasagna special, the veal cutlet milanese, the pappardelle in a bacon cream sauce, and the veal meatballs. Prices were moderate ($250 for 5, including tax, tip, and 5 glasses of wine).

          1. PO on Cornelia Street for Italian. Yama on Carmine Street for Japanese.