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Jun 3, 2008 03:44 PM


Has anyone eaten at delancy yet? Sunset at Gower approx. Ate there for lunch today. Really really good. Started off with the goat cheese, dates, bread, balsamic vinegar wrapped with proscuito. Reallly good. Then split the wilted spinach salad. delish. Then split the boneless short rib and pappadelle (winner) and the artichoke pizaa. Short rib plate was perfect, pizzza was good but not hot enough. Completely empty but at least got good service. Heard it picks up at night towards the weekend.

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  1. I went to Delancy's on Wednesday night. They have only been open 55 days and still have a few kinks to work out in the service department. The selection of beer on tap is great (but does not beat Lucky Devil's). The pizza looked like the best thing on the menu however i went with the bartender's recommendation for gnocci. Not so great. Decor is great, location is great, seating outdoors on Sunset blvd looked like it might be interesting on a cool evening. We sat indoor at a booth, very nice. I look forward to returning and trying their pizza.

    1. FYI its DelancEy ... and the cross street is Tamarind:

      Delancey Hollywood
      5936 W Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

      1. They use fresh oil to fry the calamari. So it’s crispy, and clean-tasting. You taste the squid, not the oil. The aioli sauce is also tasty.

        The pesto on the spaghetti could have used a little more salt. But that is easily remedied. Unfortunately, the mass hysteria about tomatoes had just taken hold and they didn’t include any in this dish.

        As a side note, I went to a restaurant that day for lunch and inquired about whether they were serving tomatoes. The server informed me that they don’t buy tomatoes with salmonella. And sure enough, the salad came out with tomatoes. Several days later, I was informed at another restaurant that there were no good tomatoes at the market. This I found a little hard to believe.

        But anyway, back to Delancey.

        The winner dish here was the braised short ribs with pappardelle. The short ribs were tender and beefy tasting. It’s served mixed-into a tomato sauce over the noodles. I liked this dish, but I think I would have liked it better if the meat wasn’t mixed-in. Then I’d have two distinct flavors on the same dish. As it was, both pasta dishes, the pappardelle and the spaghetti were monotone. Which, in all fairness, is how most pasta dishes are served. But it might be nice for something different.

        Service was good, but the food takes a long time to come out. I liked all the dishes and I plan to go back to try more things, like the pizza.

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          It was established early on in the tomato/salmonella scare that tomatoes from California or Florida were not affected, which is probably what the waiter was referring to.

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            Yes, I'm sure you're right. I just had to chuckle because I don't think any restaurant intentionally buys tomatoes with salmonella. :-)

        2. i went last week and agree it's a chill, low-key place to hang out on the weeknights. the service was great, and the decor is long as you're sitting facing the bar. hehe. otherwise you're stuck staring at a giant arby's sign out the window. the fun thing they do is a beer flight--four tastes for $12.

          the food was just meh to me. the combo on the crostini of prosciutto, dates, goat cheese and balsamic sounded promising. but the $9 dish only had two small crostini with shavings of prosciutto that were on the dry/hard side. the pizza was a bit greasy and limp too. i thought they did a pretty good job with the fried calamari though. the food wouldn't draw me back, but i'd recommend it for a laid-back night of drinks.

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            has it been busy for lunch/dinner when you eaten there?

            1. re: feedthebelly

              nope. it was a pretty light crowd for dinner, although the nba finals were on that night, so i'm not sure if it was out of the ordinary

          2. My experience at the Bowery has always been fantastic, so I was incredibly shocked and disappointed when I ate at Delancey's last Friday, around nine o’clock. It was awful from the very start. I don’t know if the air conditioner was broken, but the entire restaurant was boiling hot. I even overheard the hostess tell a fellow waiter that she was standing outside to avoid the heat.

            In an unpleasant contrast, the food came out cold. It also came out seven minutes after we placed our order, too soon to be fresh. It wasn’t. I ordered the sweet potato and goat cheese ravioli w/ butter and sage. The butter squatted over the dish in a cold, congealed blob. After pushing the fatty skin to the side, I bit into beyond “firm to the bite” pasta. It was undercooked and as flavorful as cardboard. There was nary a hint of sage.

            My date’s dish was not much better. He ordered the tagliatelle with cracked pepper and parmesan; it also came out cold. When asked how it was, he shrugged. I asked the waiter if I could exchange my meal for the mixed greens, radishes, and chick pea salad. He agreed, then, looking at my date, added, “Is she always this difficult?” Not appropriate.

            When the salad came out, it was a plate of butter lettuce, with some “Mexican style” radishes (impossibly huge chunks), and maybe ten chick-peas. Olive oil and vinegar were on the side. I didn’t request dressing on the side. The butter lettuce was good, but then again, I don’t find it necessary or economical to go to a restaurant to order a plate of lettuce.

            The waiter made another crack. It wasn’t witty enough to remember, although I won’t forget the rude service.

            I hope the restaurant improves, but I won’t be going back to find out.