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Jun 3, 2008 03:19 PM

Friday Evening Dinner near Rockville Center

My wife and I will find ourselves in Rockville Center on Long Island this Friday and need suggestions for dinner. We prefer small, simple family run places - more interested in the food than the decor. We lean towards Italian when asked.

All help appreciated.

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  1. Blue Moon. Italian comfort food. Good pizzas, pasta etc.

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    1. re: MKS

      You will see tons of suggestions here for Bigelows. It is basically a fried fish shack, family run, very fresh, very delicious. You eat at a counter, but if you're into it, its a great place. They also grill tuna, and a few others, which are good.
      If you want something more of a night out, you can try Dodici (best for lunch, a bit overpriced for dinner in my opinion) they have great bread and olive oil to begin. More expensive northern italian is available at Darios. I've not yet been, but seems to be on all accounts best restaurant in RVC. Last but not least, you can try Greektown- very affordale, greek restaurant, family run, very fresh, excellent. Try the soups, they are all great- the hummus is great,... Blue Moon is great, I just hate parking around there.

      1. re: arugala

        I recommend Blue Moon as well. Get the Blue Moon Special Pie. Its a pie with Sausage, mushrooms onions and peppers. Yum. There plain is delicious as well. I'm actually going myself on Friday night. Regarding parking as Arugala mentioned, if you park behind P.C. Richard which is on the other side of Sunrise Highway its a short walk to Blue Moon,(2 minutes) and you can park in the resident parking after 4pm(further away) for free or in the regular parking(behind RJ Daniels) after 6pm for free. Its all the same parking lot, just different sections. You will need to cross both Sunrise Highway and the the N. Park ave

    2. Darios. is MUCH to Pompous and complete with a HUGH attitude
      Try Da Ugo’s on Merrick Road in RVC.
      It's exactly what you are looking for