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Jun 3, 2008 03:16 PM

Dining near LA Convention Center

I am an LA native but haven't been downtown lately since all the renovations. I am going to a Convention this week and would love to try out some new places within walking distance as I am going to take the metro there.
Any cool new spots with a great bar or anything exotic is always good. Budget not really an issue as much as good food and atmosphere, though I love cheap eats anytime!

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  1. Most of the new restaurants in this area are still under construction. Restaurants that have been open for quite some time are The Palm and Liberty Grill. Much newer and a little bit more of a walk are J Lounge and Tranquility Base. Also within walking distance are: The Pantry, Riordan's Tavern, Roy's and Zucca. A little further at 7th and Fig are Adoro, Arnie Morton's & CPK. Newly reopened in the downtown area is Wokcano at 7th and Flower. Seven Restaurant at 7th and Grand is also very new.

    More reasonably priced and a longer walk - Colori Kitchen at 8th and Olive, Woodspoon and L'Angolo (further east and an 9th St) and Tiara Cafe.

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      Thanks for the tips. I will definitely check a couple of them out and get back to ya!

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