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Miami Beach - Seeking 60-year old "Free Spirits..."

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To my Dade County Hounds seeking something smooth and 60?

Hounds interested in a free scotch tasting event should direct their heels (and designate their drivers) to the Eden Roc this weekend for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Yacht Event @ 4525 Collins Avenue aboard the Venetian Lady, a 130-foot vessel docked due west of the hotel.

Learn why Johnnie Red is a mixing scotch, Johnie Black is a rocks scotch, and Gold & Green pale in contrast to Blue which is single malt, over 60 and comes in a serial-numbered bottle tucked inside a silk-lined box.

The event takes place Sunday June 8th from 11am (for you morning tipplers) and continues all day until 7pm. Guests can get a custom engraved bottle of Blue to treasure or re-gift to Dad next weekend for Father's Day.

RSVP at 305-860-1000 (ext 117) or log onto the website johnniewalker.com for more info.



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