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Caramac chocolate bars in Toronto?

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Does anyone know where I can find a chocolate bar called Caramac (made by Nestle).
I was recently in Scotland and was told to try it...unfortunately I was already on the plane home to Toronto before I could buy it!

If anyone could advise on where to get one, it would be appreciated. I live in Richmond Hill but like any good foodie would be willing to travel to get one!

Cheers, Sandy

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  1. What about the Nutty Chocolatier in The Beach

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      Either online or at the store,

    2. Try Dolce and Gourmando. If they don't stock it, it is something that she could probably get for you. They stock plenty of unique chocolates.

      Dolce & Gourmando Inc.
      1493 Bayview Ave.
      M4G 3A8

      Tel: (416) 915-8840