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Jun 3, 2008 02:30 PM

Macaroons & More at Europane

Yesterday after lunch at Indochine, I had a hankerin' for something sweet and stopped into Europane. I could not decide and asked what kind of Macaroons they had (around 10 different varieties, I think) however, my mind hazed over after I heard the Sea Salt Caramel and Pistacio. So I ordered two of the SSC and one Pistacio ($1.65/ea). Each macaroon is about 2.5" in diameter. I also ordered a custard and raspberry tart ($3.85) and two dinner rolls (.60/ea) - one that was currant/rosemary and another was sourdough. In the car on the way back to work, I ate the currant/rosemary roll and, of course, it was fantastic. Nice and chewy on the outside, soft but not too fluffy on the inside and so good! Ate the sourdough one a little later and it was equally good. I grabbed a SSC macaroon and came back up to the office. WOW! Chewy cookie; soft, billowy, creamy filling; and the SSC had a small mound of crunchy sea salt in the middle on both the top and bottom. I have to say - that was pure chewing satisfaction!! The crunch of the salt, melded with the chewyness of the cookie and throw in a little creamyness of the filling and you have something amazing. Had the pistacio one when I got home and it was really good as well. I am saving the other SSC macaroon and the tart for tonight. Damn, now I am craving them!!

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  1. What other flavor Macaroon's did they have?

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    1. re: Clyde

      flavors vary everytime i'm there but i've seen hazelnut and chocolate ganache as well.

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        You know, my "eyes glazed over" (as my friend says happens to me as soon as any waiter utters the words "creme brulee") once I heard the SSC so I cannot be certain. I know there was some sort of "berry" - it was red, so either raspberry or strawberry (I think the latter), maybe banana was one of the others, maybe mocha or cappuccino, coffee, I am sorry - I just can't rememeber. Give them a call - I am sure they will run the list for you.

        1. re: Quik

          second on this one, their hazelnut chocolate macaroons are fabulous

        2. re: Clyde

          They only have coffee flavor early May when I went. It was good, but the two I got didn't seem to match in size.

        3. I've had one of those macaroons, and you're right, they are FABULOUS!!!

          1. Maybe this is really over-hyped at Europane, but I really like the egg salad sandwich. Too bad I always get there when there are very few choices for the type of bread, but at least the egg salad hasn't usually sold out when I've been there. Those soft boiled eggs in the egg salad just make the sandwich so rich and over the top.

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              I Love the egg salad! I need to try their tuna - says it has capers (one of my most faves) in it!! Their baguettes are fantastic as well!!

            2. Today, they had Hazelnut, Strawberry, SSC, and Espresso Chocolate. She said that they have also make Lemon, Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter, etc. Seems they have different types every day. The girls behind the counter were super sweet both today and the other day. Smiling and happy. It is so fun just staring at all they have to offer. I got one of each (but two of the SSC) and one of their fabulous baguettes!