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Jun 3, 2008 01:45 PM

After-show dinners, Las Vegas

We're heading back for another session; this time, four shows. Looking for off-strip, later than 10 PM, any cuissine. Firefly was good.

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  1. Off-strip makes your request tough. Ruth's Chris on Flamingo is open till around 2am. I did B&B after a show with a 10:30 reservation and it worked out great. It's on the strip though.

    1. Some ideas off-strip:

      Agave in Summerlin (trendy Mexicanish fusiony food)
      Origin India (much discussed on this board)
      Joyful House on Spring Mountain (strongest in seafood)
      Ping Pang Pong (in the Gold Coast Hotel) for soups and noodles.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        We thought the tapas at R. E. Tapas Lounge on Silverado Ranch were better than at the Firefly and the kitchen is open until midnight.

        Musashi Japanese Steakhouse on Paradise is also an option as is Dragonfly. The latter is owned by the same people as own the Firefly.

      2. Thanks. Not familiar with Dragonfly. BTW, there used to be a good Fusion restaurant: Mayflower. Gone?

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        1. re: trail 6

          The Mayflower will be opening again at the Palazzo. Different name, many of the same dishes, but unfortunately a "wholesale to retail" pricing change. But for something late-night along those lines, Sen of Japan (8480 West Desert Inn) is open until 2 AM on weekends.