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Jun 3, 2008 01:37 PM

Tapas and Tinis in Ogunquit

This place is fantastic. A huge menu with something for everyone. A great addition to the area. Great atmosphere and great staff. The meal was the highlight of our weekend away. I would highly recommend this spot to everyone.

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  1. Could you be more specific- what particular dishes do they have? What did you have that you liked? Are "tinis" martinis????? Do you know who the owner and/or chef is??
    How do you compare the food to other places in Ogunquit? How are the prices??

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    1. re: emilief

      I haven't gone to the restaurant as yet; it must have just opened. The 'tinis' are definitely martinis. The owner is David who owns Angelina's and Pizza Napoli. Love the looks of the place. It has a large deck on the front of the building. Love David's restaurants and I know this one will be good, too. Can't wait to give it a try.

      By the way, Ogunquit also has another new restaurant called Prime. It opened about two weeks ago.

      1. re: LindaBarbara

        We drove by Prime last week and it was not open. Completely dark and no activity. Hope it opens soon.

        1. re: emilief

          No Prime is open; it opens at 5:30pm, I believe. My husband and I had dinner at the bar there last Saturday night. It was open the weekend prior to that, too.

          1. re: LindaBarbara

            Weird- we were there three day and it did not look opens. We will try it next weekend maybe. Could you tell me more- type of food, price range, and how was the service? Is the decor the same as Poor Richard's or have they changed it?? Thanks!

            1. re: emilief

              The new Prime Restaurant has been completely remodelled and there is very little left that would remind you of Poor Richard's. I'm not sure if they are business partners/owners but you would recognize the two bartenders from the Front Porch.

              We ate at the bar. The entire restaurant is now new and has a light, bright feeling to it. The bar area was extremely busy and very noisey and the bartender had suggested they were looking into some sound proofing materials to buffer the noise. We had the calamari appetizer, which surprised me in that it was served with onion rings mixed in with the fried calamari. I would say it was good, however, not the best I every had. I also had the fried haddock sandwich, which again I would say was good, but not the very best. I would definitely go again.

              After being open just a short two weeks, it appears to be a very popular place--lots of locals. They have valet parking and there is the parking lot across the street to use as well.

              I don't recall all the menu prices; it is primarily a steakhouse. Two women next to me at the bar had a fish dinner, which they liked but didn't love. Some of the sides offered were that great, according to them.

              It probably has some kinks to work out--hope they make it because I feel it's a welcome addition to the Cove area.

              1. re: LindaBarbara

                Thanks for the report. BTW, we had dinner at the Front Porch last week and thought it was quite good. Loved the corn fritters- a decadent treat.

        2. re: LindaBarbara

          For anyone interested, Prime is located at 331 Shore Rd. in Ogunquit, the phone # is 207-646-8600. They are subosta have a website but unable to find it. Any news is good news so we hope.

          1. re: Earle

            I believe that I found the website although it says that it is coming soon.


            1. re: seacoastguy027

              Was in Ogunquit this past Tue thru Fri, Walked past it on Wed. opens at 5 for diner. Menu on board out front was interesting. So they are open. I believe they have a web site. Good luck , to anyone who goes please lets see a post soon. Earle Ct.