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Peter Luger's or Striphouse?

Trying to decide between two - any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. 2 of my favorites. I've been to Luger's many times and just recently tried Striphouse for the first time. What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Striphouse is amazing and I'd probably choose that over Luger on a usual day, but if I'm feeling a bit more casual and want to pay just a tad less, I'd probably go to Luger's.

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        horrible choice. The Strip House is incredible... food, service and ambiance. Lugers... greasy steaks, very limited choices, nasty wait staff and so bright inside you need shades. Hands down folks... save the L train fair and go to the best steak in the US

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          Striphouse hands down.
          The only dish I like at lugers is the bacon.

        2. Absolutely Luger's. If you do not want to travel to Bklyn then I would definitely go to Spark's over Strip House (although I do like Strip House).

          1. My last two visits to Lugers have been decidedly average. I've always had good steaks at Striphouse, but they have a tendency to keep you waiting 45-60 minutes past your reservation, so I haven't been in the last few years (I prefer BLT Prime).

            But at the end of the day, it depends what you are looking for (assuming you are only considering the two). Porterhouse go to Lugers. Any other cut of steak (or other protein) go to Striphouse. For appetizers - Bacon, lugers; Lobster Bisque, Striphouse. Credit Card - Striphouse, Cash - Lugers.

            1. Lugers is going to win this vote, but Striphouse is awesome. I think I'd vote for Striphouse but if you have never been to either place, I guess you might as well experience Luger's. Personally I've only been once and thought it wasn't as good as either Striphouse or Sparks, but I got the steak for 1 instead of sharing a steak for 2. I'm going to have to give it another shot.

              1. Never been to Strip House but it is my next steakhouse to try on my list. As an avid Luger fan and having eaten there several times I will say without a doubt it is the best steakhouse I have ever been to. Always amazing! But if you want to stay in the city Strip House is as good as it gets from what I have read.

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                  Thanks for the recommendations folks. Luger's it is - Striphouse will have to wait.

                2. Strip house 100% - the atmosphere is better, the beef is equal if not better, it's in Manhattan, takes credit cards and you don't have to deal with the annoying attitude you get at Lugers.

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                    The "attitude" at Luger's is the biggest myth ever. Their service is some of the best around in my true most honest experiences.

                  2. I disagree, Luger waiters usually have a pretty bad attitude. It's rare to get a waiter that doesn't seem like he hates his job and is mad at the world. Maybe it's supposed to go with they dive-y atmosphere. But I still like their steak (not as much as I like Striphouse though!).

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                      I think many people view that as part of the old steakhouse charm.. not sure where i weigh in on that perception?

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                        Anytime I go the service is great and right on point. They are very attentive and really have a great personality if you open up to them. Some have said that they are demeaning and "force" you to order things. Never been the case for me in my many visits. I just think they definitely get a bad rep for no reason but thats my opinion.

                        Other myths- They frown upon you if you ask for a menu.
                        They wont cook a steak more than medium rare. (Although why would you want to)

                      2. Luger's and to counter the "attitude" of their waiters notion. our waiter (and all the waiters around us) were very nice. Professional (which to some may equate to a bit of attitude), but they were kind, making jokes and on top of everything as they needed to be. If you have a bad experience with a waiter it is probably because you ordered fish!

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                            Service there is good if not great. There are one or two waiters that are not so friendly but I do not need hand holding and coddling. Besides the very few who are a bit grumpy, the rest are friendly enough and even the grumpy guys are proficient if not pleasant. Tip them less.
                            The others are very good, speedy, attentive to the needs of the table and all that, some talkative(not too much, I hate that),others shorter on verbage. Perhaps they will not discuss the finer(or lack thereof)points of the Kendall Jackson on the wine list but please, have some reasonable expectations.
                            Maybe, the service is not fit for a Queen but for people who know what they want when they go there, it is good.
                            Nice one with the fish comment Ginsbera. I agree that if you are high maintenance or just do not know the score there, the Luger service will put you off.


                          2. It's lucky for you to have recieved great service. I'm simply stating what I and many others have experienced there many a time. That's what makes this "rumor" run so rampant.. perhaps, Shocker!, it might actually be true. I don't feel there is a need to discredit anyone b/c of what they order or because you ASSUME things about their "Queen"lyness.

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                              Relax Queen,

                              It was just too easy to slip that remark with your name in there, no? Surely, you can see that given your moniker and the context.
                              I do not think it is a rumor. I understand what you and others say, I believe.
                              About what you order was in jest since that should not matter but I was giving some support to the poster.
                              I do think that in our society people have an unreasonable expectation of hand holding and do not like it when their server is not yapping and bubbly and such. That is not a judgement of good or bad about the population at large here, it is just a statement.
                              Perhaps this is not the case for you but I think it is the case with the majority of the complaints along this line.
                              If you return there, I hope you have a better experience.



                            2. I think it matters what type of steak you want to eat... At lugars you are going to share a Porterhouse and it comes sliced.... It is a more fun environment.

                              Strip House is more of a restaurant that just serves good steak but you dont really share it.

                              Regarding service, Lugars is at least honest about not being overly friendly.... at Strip House, they act they are nice but typically the make you wait forever to sit down even if you had a reservation.

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                                Doesn't Strip House offer the Porterhouse for two as a nightly special?

                              2. The opinions on this are endless. A lot of people like Luger's. Maybe they first started going in the 80s, or maybe they put a lot of credence in what people who went there in the '80s think (or Zagat's)... I really don't get it.

                                In my opinion, Peter Luger is not only the single worst steakhouse I have been to in New York (at any price), but might easily be categorized as one of the worst or at least most overrated restaurants in the world.

                                All the things you've heard are true: Room is very bright, staff is sort-of gruff, steak is a big butter-coated monster. I knew that going in. For what it's worth, I thought the waiters were friendly enough, though they seemed to know very little about what they were serving. Par for the course for a steakhouse. The guy at the bar seemed to have a slight attitude, but apparently he is an "institution" and also deals with a bar that's 6 deep at all times, so I won't give him a hard time.

                                A few things I didn't know until I went:

                                1. Like many steakhouses (including Strip House) they failed to honor our reservation until 75 minutes late.

                                2. "Luger's sauce" is this nasty cocktail sauce that doesn't really mix with anything.

                                3. The tomato salads we had were made with absolute garbage tomatoes. Granted, it was a risk being slightly out of season at the time, but a place of any quality should simply not serve a dish if they can't get the right ingredients.

                                4. The steak LOOKED really good. A few of the pieces had amazing consistency. Most of them didn't. And I thought the flavor was lacking. Above all, this was the real sin, since this is their hallmark. See elsewhere on this board for discussion of the meat and its overall decline in quality.

                                5. Those vintages listed on the wine list? They're only suggestions. Perhaps Luger's assumes that their crowd doesn't really understand the concept of vintages and won't care, but when you're ordering from the mid-high end of the menu, they should. Every single one of our three bottles served was the wrong vintage, with no comment from the waiter. Once is a mistake. Three times is a low-class move. Fine, they aren't trying to be haute cuisine, but they serve expensive bottles of wine.

                                On the positive side, the bacon is delicious, the wine list markup is actually not horrible, and the desserts I thought were great (and huge).

                                Strip House, other than that they are also guilty of not seating people on time (what is it with steakhouses not understanding "reservations"?) has never disappointed me in any way. The chateaubriand for two is superb. The salads and sides are of considerably higher quality than most other NYC steakhouses. The room is attractive, if a little crowded (another plus to luger's on that - plenty of room between tables). I won't get into which is "best" but I would go to Strip House another 5 times before I would go to Luger's again for free.

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                                  I enjoyed reading your comments until I got to the point where you said, "The chateaubriand for two is superb". I can understand why you didn't like Lugers. What I don't understand is a tasteless Porterhouse but you enjoyed the Chateaubriand which is the most tasteless piece of beef. There is no guarantee that every piece of beef is going to be perfect every time. My experience at Luger's has been exceptional. I like Strip House but, if not going to Luger's, would rather go to Spark's.

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                                    To each his or her own, especially when it comes to preferences on the meat (and cut of meat) itself. Meat aside, I have enough other significant qualms with Luger's that I still wouldn't change my opinion. I don't hate Sparks, either. I know there are Luger's partisans out there and they must have their reasons (maybe they treat you differently if they "know" you, etc. etc.) but I for one just don't get it.

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                                      I agree Alfred with the chateaubriand comment. It may be a tender piece of meat, but it is by no means as flavorful as a porterhouse. I find it hard to compare the two. Same goes for a filet mignon. I recall when I used to love filet, but then ultimately stopped ordering it after realizing there are much better, more flavorful, cuts of meat. With that said, everyone has different tastes. I would take a luger porterhouse any day (oh and when I went we were treated wonderfully, and DID NOT know the owner, waiter or anyone associated with the restaurant, just to counter something someone stated earlier).

                                  2. Striphouse definitely.

                                    About the wait, I never had to wait at Striphouse but I did wait at lugers for an hour so its equal.

                                    1. Did you decide yet? I am eager to hear your review of Strip House if you decided to go there.

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                                        Lugers, STILL has the best tasting steak in the city.
                                        The Strip House, for me anyway is vastly overrated especially on this board. I have had a few different cuts there on a variety of visits and the steaks were never quite up to par with the better steak houses, a bit fatty, a bit too tough etc..
                                        and even though they seem to claim to want to put a little more effort into their sides at The Strip House, I never find them to very good. Especially the absolutely flavor-less goose fat potatoes. At least at Lugers you know they aren't really trying all that hard with the sides..they are good not earth shattering and still as good as any at The Strip House.
                                        You go to steakhouses for the steak. Lugers has better steaks.

                                      2. Luger's steak tastes like Sizzler, but a lot more expensive. Strip House all the way...the sides are to die for!!! How can you beat goose fat potatoes, truffle creamed spinach and that cake, truly decadent!!!

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                                          In my opinion, the goose fat potatoes might be one of the most overrated dishes in all of Manhattan. The creamed spinach on the other hand is worth all the accolades.