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Jun 3, 2008 01:01 PM

Miracle Fruit

Did anyone read the article in the Times last week about the miracle fruit that changes the taste of sour to sweet etc. Wanted to know if anyone know of a supplier in Philly.

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  1. I've done a bit of research on this locally, and can't find a Philly supplier yet (though I'd love to hear from others who may have had more luck). Your best bet would probably be to order online from one of the sources that do overnight shipping. Of course, since the Times piece came out, I'm sure that they're on back order everywhere.

    1. I'm looking for the product as well. If anyone knows where to get it please let me know.

      1. This is a very popular topic on Chowhound lately. We'll ask posters to keep this thread focused on where to find it locally, and to please use one of these threads to discuss the fruit in general or mail/web sources:

        Thanks for helping us keep this board focused on sharing local chow tips.