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Jun 3, 2008 12:53 PM

Going to a math conference in Denver

Hello all
I am going to a math conference in Denver the last week of June. I will be staying at the Radisson. Any recs for good dinners? We will not have a car, so I guess we need something relatively close by (or we can take a taxi). We are open to suggestions (good Italian, Middle Eastern, Susi or great salads!)
Thanks so much

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  1. I assume you mean you are at the Radisson on Quebec- which is Stapleton development. Walking distance will be chains at the development:

    Close by.. I'm stumped. Not my part of town. The Cherry Tomato (Park Hill) has vg Italian Food and would be a reasonable cab ride.

    1. If you are staying in Stapleton there are a couple options. Blue Fin Sushi is there and it's pretty good. The Berkshire (not really sure what I would call their menu is decent as well as is Casey's Irish Bistro. Udi's is good for breakfast and lunch. There are quite a few chains in Northfield, and I think they might run a shuttle there, but I'm not sure.

      1. Seriously, maybe you'd better take a taxi.

        1. I agree w/ ijack that Udi's is a good, reasonably priced non-chain place in the Stapleton retail area. I'm guessing that It would probably be about a 15-min walk, or perhaps the hotel van would shuttle you there if it's too hot or a summer evening rainstorm whips up. I haven't been to any of the others.

          1. There really isn't a whole lot in walking distance there that's anything special. As mentioned, Casey's and Udi's are both pretty good, just not really anything unique or different. I've not been to Blue Fin or the Berkshire. There are several fast food/fast casual restaurants that are walk-able, but it's pretty much all chains.

            I've heard some good things about a couple of the restaurants up at Northfield, but you will need a shuttle or taxi to get there. La Sandia (upscale Mexican) has gotten some good reviews and some mixed reviews. There is also a Brazilian steakhouse which I've heard is pretty good, but very pricey.