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Jun 3, 2008 12:41 PM

Comparing Baseball Stadium Food

I don't think we've covered this in a while. Is there anyone who's snacked at Yankee, Shea and Keyspan stadiums and can offer comparisons, lesser-known concessions, or other houndish info?

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  1. For Shea Stadium, the Mama's of Corona food stand on field level is above average. Follow the signs to go to the merch shop as it's tucked away in a corner/dead-end. It's somewhere I'd stop at on my way up to my seat. Otherwise it's a wild goose chase to try to find it if you're up in the nose bleed section. There's also a mezzanine-level l stand, but it wasn't open when I went a few weeks ago.

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      To find MOC without a box seat ticket go to the box seat entrance by Gate B, hug the wall to the right and make a right turn and you will see it. I recommend a side of nathan's fries and a draft beer to accompany this great sandwich.

    2. There was quite recently a discussion of the food at Shea -- and the Mama's of Corona sandwiches came up. But I can't locate the thread right now. There really isn't too much of note at Shea; indeed, most of it is quite awful. They do have Brooklyn on tap (Mezz level near-ish the plate) and Kona (sometimes, 1st base side Field level) which helps. :) We keep hoping that Citi Field will be better (and the reports that Shake Shack is in discussions are encouraging).

      Keyspan/Cyclones -- I don't think there's anything regularly there that's too interesting. But ... they often have "independent" oddball type things. Last summer they had a stand selling old-fashioned grilled cheese -- I mean the American slices on white bread variety. Seriously. And on another night, there was a group (Church? Knights of Columbus?) which had tables out selling all sorts of red sauce Italian food. Some of it was pretty good too.

      Staten Island -- I don't know if the stand just opened last summer, hence the promotion, but there was a sushi stand (3rd base side) with $x-off (maybe 2, I don't recall) coupons. I very much enjoy veggie sushi and on a sultry evening it totally hit the spot.

      1. Mama's (see other comments) is the class of Shea -- on the mezzanine level it's near section 7. Choice between fresh turkey and mozzarella with brown gravy or Italian cold cuts and mozzarella. Both come with marinated mushrooms and roasted peppers (on the side). A good value for the stadium location, I think it's $9 now. BB Sandwich Bar is no longer at Shea, as I recently found out to my chagrin. If you have field box seats they have a menu where you can order things like crudite and Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich but it offends my sensibilities to each such things at the ballpark.

        Carl's Steaks, which makes a pretty good Phila'phia steak to my mind, has a stand at Yankee Stadium, but you should get it on the street level as you go in -- no fun going down and then back up later, especially if you are on the top level.

        1. Nothing better, and I mean nothing better, in terms of stadium grub with a good beer in the other hand than the fresh knishes at yankee stadium.

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            I had one last night and it was pretty good -- and piping hot too. They are the same kind that used to be at Shea but are no longer (boo).

            Also, DH had a cuban sandwich from Goya at Yankee stadium last night. He said it was bigger but not as good as the one at Shea. I also enjoyed the Blue Moon (with a lemon) from Beers of the World up at the Stadium.