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Jun 3, 2008 12:37 PM

Cafe Blue Texas

Has anyone been to this place on the lake?


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    1. My family and i had lunch there this saturday and it was a surprisingly good find.I had the redfish tacos which came with a mango salsa and a side of homade potato chips which was son had 2 nice size all lump meat crab cakes in a stone ground mustard wife had a wonderful cerviche that was tasty and very fresh.We had a wonderful cuban bread pudding mixed with fesh fruit.this is a hidden gem and a must if your off to the lake for the day.they serve brunch on sun 11-2pm and are opened from april-nov.

      1. I have been wanting to try this place but they allow smoking and I have asthma so i am a little worried ..any comments about the smoking at this place ?

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          It is a completely outdoor restaurant overlooking the marina. Always seems to catch a nice breeze. Not sure what your requirements are but I would think that would help from getting overly smokey.