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One of a kind experience in Boston

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I am trying to set up a blow your mind culinary/dining experience for my dad's birthday. Does anyone have any inside info of that nature? Dinner with the chef/special tasting menus/etc. I don't live in the area and I am really at a loss. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Check out posts on the following. O Ya for Nobu-like sushi and sake bar experience.
    Grezzo for raw food vegan. I haven;t tried Grezzo but O Ya was an over the top experience, pricey and not filling, buy definitely over the top.

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      I 2nd O Ya. It was probably one of the single best culinary experiences I've ever had--from top to bottom. Of course you will want to guarentee that your father is into sushi/raw seafood. But, as I've mentioned in previous posts, they were very accomidating to my mother who only wanted cooked foods.

      I disagree that it's not filling (as, again, I have mentioned in other posts) but we got the tasting menu, which is 100% worth the price. If food and top service is really the focus for this meal then I don't think you can go wrong with O Ya.

      1. You should really give a little more info about your dining preferences and the number of people in your party. If you are staying over, that might also help you decide where to go. My first recommendation, if you have enough people is the private table at Scampo's which is becoming the the hotest spot to land a table. If your party is on a Friday, the Rustic Kitchen has a kitchen used to film videos and while the seating is limited, other chows have mentioned this is a great time. You get to watch the chef prepare the menu and then enjoy it. It sounds like a fun experience. Many places have three courses as a special on Sunday or Monday. Rendezvous in Cambrige has a great bargain on Sundays, and the owner, Steve Johnson is usually there to great you. I'm sure if you let them know it's a birthday dinner, you'll be well treated.

        1. I would highly recommend the 14-course tasting menu at Clio. It is truly a one of a kind experience

          1. Definitely O Ya or Clio.

            1. Thanks guys! I will definitely check out Clio. The 14 course tasting menu is very intriguing. It would just be dinner for my parents. My original plan was a James Beard dinner, but it doesn't appear they are stopping in Boston for the celebrity chef tour any time in the near future. Thanks for your help!

              1. Good suggestions here already (I wasn't going to be a wiseacre and say, "Go to Manhattan.")

                I'd also put L'Espalier's no-doubt-amazing if somewhat-pretentiously-named Chef's Tasting Journey on your list. French/New American, a bit more traditional and with far fewer Asian touches than Clio, in a prettier setting with better service and wines. A mere $280 with matched wines, 15 or so courses counting amuse-gueules. If I'm whooping it up there, I go for the more modest extravagance of the $154 degustation of seasonal vegetables with matched wines, 7 or so courses with four glasses of wine.

                If Japanese fits the bill, O Ya, Uni, and Oishii Boston all do a smashing omakase (though O Ya's is essentially made of dishes already on the menu, not improvisations based on what's good and freshest today). I'd say O Ya for creativity and hotness, Oishii Boston for formality, and Uni for intimacy. All are sort of crazy/expensive by local standards, a good $150++ per head with wine or sake.