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Jun 3, 2008 12:23 PM

Chicken question for all of you experts in here...

I think I'm making something for dinner tonight that 'should' work out well. Half of me says it will while the other half says it won't so I need your help if possible.

I have chicken tenders. I want to soak in buttermilk today, then coat them in finely crushed corn flakes, and then wrap them in raw bacon, skewer them, and drop them into my fry daddy. Will it work or will the bacon get done before the chicken or vice versa or will the bacon be too much oil? How long would you let me sit in the fry daddy? Like 5 minutes or until golden brown? Any and all help will be appreciated, thank you...

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  1. If it were me, I'd first partially cook the bacon and then wrap it around the tenders and finish off in oven. I wouldnt even fry them,I'd just bake them because I hate dealing with frying and grease.

    1. i think i'd wrap, then coat in crumbs...i think the bacon will cook too quick and fall apart. but the crumb layer on the outside may actually serve as an insulant/adhesive?

      1. Not sure why you'd coat them in bread crumbs and then wrap in bacon and then fry.
        If you want fried tenders, leave out the bacon. if you want bacon wrapped tenders, dont bread and don't fry.

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          I had some CORN FLAKES in the pantry that I wanted to toss until I remembered as a little girl, my mother did a coating of them on chicken pieces and it was really quite good. So, it's not bread crumbs, and since I have a pound of bacon I thought they'd be good together, like a bacon wrapped shrimp only a breaded one so like a coconut crusted bacon wrapped shrimp only chicken instead.

          1. re: iL Divo

            Whoops - saw your wrote corn flakes but typed bread crumbs.

            I like your ideas but just dont think they'd work together. I'd imagine you'd either incinerate the bacon or have soggy corn flakes. Maybe you can cook the bacon and render off all the fat and then use the bacon fat, supplemented with other oil to cook the coated tenders and eat the bacon as an appetizer

            1. re: iL Divo

              the cornflakes would likely do better on an "oven fry" i would think...i dont think they'd stay on in the fry daddy

              actually, you have a bit more freedom with an oven fry, in my opinion

          2. Well, I'm all about the bacon, and the breading and frying, so I can understand why you'd think this up. I think, however (and anyone else can correct me if they think otherwise), that the breading will not crisp up when covered in bacon - it will not get the direct hot oil application needed in order to get crispy. So you'd end up with crispy bacon on top of cooked breading and chicken. Don't think that's what you're going for.
            So perhaps ESNY's two alternates may work better.

            1. I can think of two options, along these lines. One is to pound the chicken breast flat, fill w/ cooked bacon, wrap it and secure, dip and fry. The other is something along these lines which might just what what you're looking for, with chicken for the hotdog:


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                I tell you what? It's bookmarked. That looks like such fun and so good. I am allergic to beer so it'd have to be something else like seltzer water.
                I am going to try my way, but cook the bacon a bit first, and do the oven baking instead of the frying, if it doesn't work, you'll all have been right. The coating not reaching enough of the oil in the deep fat frying may really be a valid concern. Thanks for any and all of your help. I'll report back tomorrow and let you know if thumbs are up or down...