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Jun 3, 2008 12:22 PM

Just Moved from Austin to San Antonio...

I just moved from Austin to San Antonio and I'm having extreme foodie withdrawl!!!! I miss the awesome farmer's markets, the chinese food you can get at 4 a.m., the grocery stores! I need some recommendations on some unique, non tex-mex, non chain places to eat. Thanks for all your suggestions in advance!

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  1. My favorite dim sum place is Chef Chans Tea House (5545 NW Loop 410). I live in west texas where the Chinese food SUCKS and this is where I go for some real tasty treats!

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        Chef Chans is good, I have had many lunches there. If you go down one more exit to Ingram and take the turnaround, theres an awesome vietnamese pho place, all the food is good. Cant remember name-but it does have Pho in it. I had a slice of Miss Ellies pizza yesterday-their italian sausage is THE best. Its near intersection of Bitters and 281 in the northeast corner. John the Greek has great food. And you have to try Chris Madrids burger-my fav!

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          I forgot to mention a great Indian place called India Place (8440 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229). Its a hole in the wall and SO good! And I liked Rome's Pizza (5999 De Zavala Rd Ste 111). Ive always wanted to try that Pho resturant. San Angelo sucks! There is no good food here! I want Dolmas!!!

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            I'm here from years in New Orleans and am getting tired of the Tex Mex thing myself. Try Mad Hatters, La Frite, Yokonyu, for something different.

    1. Bin 555 off Blanco is a great tapas/ wine bar resto. Bistro Thyme off 1604 (in front of costco) is a nice little place with a mediterreanish/french feel? Liberty Bar downtown has some unique high endish pub food and a fun atmosphere. For really high end special occasion, Francisca's at Sunset was phenomonal, but very pricey. Sushi Zushi has several locations and innovative sushi. Also like Los Canerias at La Mansion hotel on the riverwalk. We go to either whole foods in the Quarry marketplace or Central Market in Alamo heights. Not a fan of the Heb. Quarry also has Amy's icecream- yum! Ciao Lavenderia (goodbye laudrymat) has some solid italian food. Great pastas, decent wine list, in Alamo heights/Broadway. Agree with Madhatters in Historic district/downtown. Great atmosphere, great breakfast (havent tried lunch).