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Jun 3, 2008 12:08 PM

Nashville Choice

I am from Boston and will be in Nashville next weekend and week.

On Saturday night, based on my research here and elsewhere, I am having dinner at Radious 10.

My dilemma is how to choose between Watermark and Andrew Chadwick's on Sunday. Are therefolks here who have been both places? I am looking for exquisite cooking, professional service and an experience that is somehow different from what I get up here.

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  1. Imagine my surprise to learn that neither Watermark or Chadwick's serves dinner on Sunday.

    Hmmm....other ideas? I am staying at Loews Vanderbilt and will be cabbing it.

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    1. re: bgavin

      Didn't realize you had Sunday plans; Nashville is pretty limited for Sunday night dinners unfortunately. I believe Ombi is open which overall gets really good reviews on the boards, although I've noticed a few less stellar lately.

      Others to consider:

      City House -- some have complained about heavy salt on the boards but we've been and loved it and didn't find it to be overly or even noticeably salty. Our group had both the trout and catfish, both excellent. They cure their own meats and I believe on Sundays the chef does his own thing and strays from the menu a bit. Search the boards for more reviews. I've also attached the website link. The smell of food cooking alone was delicious when we walked in.

      F.Scott's is also open Sunday evening and was one of the first "upscale" restaurants in Nashville. Still great food with a cool jazz bar. Great dayboat fish entrees, etc.

      Germantown Cafe
      Great neighborhood restaurant with consistently good food with a southern flair. Great view of downtown at night as well.

      Those are probably the best choices for a Sunday night in Nashville. There is a more casual place called Rumba located on West End about a mile from the Loews that is one of my favorite places and seems to be a well kept secret. They have a great patio, it has a combo of Latin/Caribbean/Asian food but I don't think that does them justice. They consistently serve fresh, interesting food that has a little something different without being off the wall. We were there a couple of weeks ago and one entree was a South African braii (bbq) which was great; their salads are always my favorite. 1/2 price wine bottles on Sunday are a plus as well.

      As for Radius 10 on Saturday night, I think that's a great choice and you can't go wrong. Great food, atmosphere, service; another favorite. I think for what you are looking for on a Sunday, F. Scott's may be your best option, or Ombi.

      Hope this helps and enjoy your visit.

      1. re: jcr05

        Thank you, JCR for your thoughtful and thorough reply.

        The whole closed on Sunday thing caught me by surprise - this is not the case in Boston. Must make restaurant jobs down there a little more family friendly. I thought of switching Radius, but they don't do Sunday's either. Nor does Flyght.

        I have ruled out Ombi. A recent experience related here called out a few failings that are on my pet peeve list.

        So, for Sunday, I am thinking either F. Scott's or City House. So that is my new Nashville Choice. :-)

        1. re: bgavin

          I think either would be great...let us know where you end up and what you have!

          I just noticed that Radius 10 has updated their menu and if you have room to try a salad, the crab salad is amazing -- served with watermelon, key lime curd and avocado. Chef Brumm prepared it at a cooking class he did and we all wanted to lick our plates. If you're in the mood for shrimp/scallops/grits, that man makes the best grits I've ever had. Very creamy, rich....delicious.


          1. re: jcr05

            Open on Sunday and some have complementary shuttles from hotels:

            Cabana (the lobster brie mac and cheese is great!)


            Sunset Grill


            Midtown Cafe:




    2. Did you get a chance to check out Radius10? I happen to be a server there & want to know what your visit was like. I didn't work Saturday night, but hope you had a good experience. From what I understand, they were busier than they expected. I came in for a cocktail to visit my co-workers & everyone was running around like busy bees!